Tuesday, November 01, 2022

1940's Inspired Costume

Costumes were required for our orchestra's first fall concert. It has been many years since I had an opportunity to dress up in costume, and of course I went with a vintage look. Since the majority of my vintage and historical-inspired patterns, fabrics, and embellishments are still at my parents home, I had to be creative with thrift store finds. 

The 1940's seemed to be the easiest to duplicate with a simple plaid skirt, and blouse or sweater.

The sweater is a modern Gap brand that I found in new condition at my local thrift store. The plaid skirt is a vintage woolen from the Pendleton brand, also from the local thrift store. The shoes came from American Duchess several years ago.

While wearing fingernail polish isn't something I generally wear, some non-toxic polish was a must! I also wore some lipstick from Lancome called "simmering." 

The hat came from a antique store, and while I'm not sure of era, is seemed to work okay. 

Several people asked if I was dressing up as Queen Elizabeth, or Miss Maisel, but no, I was just going for a 1940's inspired look. 

There is a resemblance I think of my paternal grandmother when dressed up for this era though! She was such a classy lady, and though she passed away when I was barely a teenager, I remember her being firm, but kind.


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