Saturday, February 18, 2006

Men still respect the presence of a woman
I found this out once again this morning at work...
You know those airfilled balloon-like toys for children to sit on that make those unpleasant noises? We must have had one of those back in the little room where all the general merchandise is stocked - toys, cleaning supplies, pet food, batteries, and etc. As I was going back to stocking in this little area, I saw a grown man playing around with one and laughing. Another customer (I'm not sure if they were shopping together or what) said with command and sterness of voice, "Hey, quit doing that. There are ladies present in here" or something along that line. I should have said "thankyou" to the man who asked the other guy to stop, but I was once again amazed, and yet felt to honored to have been respected like that.
Had I have looked more like a man or wore man's apparel, I have to wonder if that would have been said? I had to silently thank the Lord for making me a woman and for giving me the joy and the delight in dressing in a feminine, modest way that would be a testimony to others!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Some great articles on modesty and femininity!
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