Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vintage Forties Housedress/coat: Marian Martin 9420

Sewing with vinatge patterns is something that has been growing on my for some time now, and recently I have a lot of fun buying some from ebay that interest me.

I have never had a robe or housecoat before and oftentimes in the winter I get quite cold, and so I made my first from the above pattern. It has been known that I alter my patterns, but I loved this one so much that the only thing I did extra was add a few inches to the hem. And I used the long sleeve verison of it.

The flannel was some left over from our business and the eyelet lace has been sitting around for years, so this is what the finished product looks like:

Well, I'm off to practice!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a happy surprise

When yesterday morning I had checked how my ebay item was doing, I was surprised to see how high it went up, and then eventually sold for the amount that it did.  

And it also made me glad for the amount that it sold for, because I spent a little more than I wanted to on this pattern. Though it is 1940's (which I have fallen in love with that era recently!) I think I could easily adapt it to made an Edwardian era (around 1912) dress like this dress or several others I've seen of that time. 

In other sewing news, my flannel 1940's housecoat/robe is coming along really well and I hope to finish it be the end of the week. Upcoming projects will be from the Regency era: finishing a semi-sheer summer gown, a bodiced petticoat to go with it, a cream silk duponi evening gown, and a dark green velvet spencer jacket. 

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Where have I been this week?

I just discovered that the last day I posted something here was on Monday. Maybe nobody has noticed (since I changed the layout, my tracking link down at the bottom has disappeared and so I can't check to see if anybody has visted!) but if you have noticed and have been wondering...

My week has been full with lots of odds and ends, and I have been also buying some vintage pattern this week. At the thrift store I found the most adorable vintage girls dress that are made with smocked bodices. Smocking is something I have never done before, but they show you have to do it, so I'd love to try my hand at it. Does anyone do smocking, who reads my blog? If so, do you have any favorite patterns, or websites that you'd be willing to tell me about? =)

And this week I also received a couple 1940's patterns that I bought off ebay. They both are housecoats/robes and so this week I'd like to try one of them. Stay tuned for pictures!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Advertising for someone else...

A friend of Erin's has a sewing business out in Ohio and a couple months ago ::gulps:: we were asked to add these to our blog and I am finally getting around to it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the person who made them, as I know nothing about them other then by pictures and the details below.

Here are two cozy, roomy nightgowns for your 8½ - 10 year old girl. Both front and back skirts are nicely gathered to a top yoke. Neck is finished with a band, with a button opening in the back (see picture). Sleeves are long and gathered up with elastic. The length is plenty long, but at your request, can be shortened to desired length. Keep warm this winter!

Approx. measurements for Nightgowns:
Breast: 25-27"
Waist: 23 - 23½"
Hip: 27 -28"
Wrist: 7-7½"
Height: 4'2" - 4'10"

Prices: $20 each OR buy both for $35 (save $5) Postage is included in prices.

These little flannel pajamas are ready to keep your (approx.) 2 and/or 4 year old boy(s) warm this winter. Pull on pajamas pants have elastic in the legs to stay cozy and warm. The elastic in the top is overlapped 2" and secured with a safety pin so that you can easily adjust for a perfect fit. The pajama tops open down the front with 3 buttons.

Approx. measurements for 2 year old:
Chest: 19"
Waist: 19"
Hip: 20"
Weight: 28lbs
Height: 28"

Approx. measurements for 4 year old:
Chest: 21"
Waist: 20"
Hip: 22½"
Weight: 40lbs
Height: 34"

Prices: $22 for a set OR $39 for 2 sets (save $5!) OR $65 for all 4 sets (save $13!). Postage is included in prices.

Garments will be mailed Priority once check is received. Make payable to: Elizabeth Stalter NO returns. For more information, or to purchase, contact:

Elizabeth Stalter
7225 CR 68
Millersburg, OH 44654
(330) 674-2664

Saturday, March 10, 2007

What would you like to see @ A Joyful Handmaiden?

Well, I just got back from the PO sending out the last box that contained a custom-made order. Though sad in some ways, it is exciting in many other ways! So we are wanting to ask our customers, what would you like to see offered on the website, as far as apparel. More nightgowns or aprons? More blouses or dresses? Or would you like to see ready-made historical apparel online too?

And do you have any suggestions for links that we could add? We hope to change our links page and instead of charging rates for putting up links, we would like to add as many as possible that would be of an encouragment to women of all ages and stages of life.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

::dreamy sigh::

Isn't this pattern exquisite?!
1910's shirtwaist

Why must they ask $30 for it? Hey, Amanda, this is a must for you to design next! =D Hmm, although I wonder if I could design something like it...

Off to the sewing room!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Ah, I think one can get to caught up with to much sewing. I find myself going into and out of sewing quite alot and other times where I am sick of the sewing machine. Right now it is the former, and I am having to much fun I think. =)

After browsing on ebay for vintage patterns and coming across several that I fell in love with, some that I could re-produce on my own, and some that are just way to pricey for me (who would spend $60 on a vintage pattern?!), it has gotten me in a mood to spend some time in the sewing room.

So I am off to work on a sewing order and another Regency gown from The Elegant Ladies Closet pattern from Sense and Sensibility Patterns. Would anyone like to join me?