Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Favorites

Well, I am back in the south, but now in a state that is north of my former one. Any readers from the Carolina's? I need to know of some good thrift stores!! :)

The theme for this post is rather obvious. Due partly because I auditioned today and partly because I just love music. All pictures are courtesy of Pinterest.

[ No. 1] This quote.

[No. 2] This music from BBC's "North & South" is so pretty. Wish it were longer.

[No. 3] Such good reminders for me, especially with transferring to a school that is known throughout the country for it's music school.

[No. 4] No picture for this one, but I've realized lately how blessed I am to have learned from some of the greatest of violinists & violin teachers, and been under some of the best teachers and professors from my former college. I'm anticipating learning and growing even more here over the next couple of years.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Bit of Sewing

Between working 40 hour work weeks, sorting through stuff to bring with me to college, teaching violin lessons, enjoying what Anne Bronte wrote in Agnes Grey, "the threefold luxury of solitude, a book, and pleasant weather" and what-not, I have been to doing some sewing in little bits of time scattered here and there. The idea of sitting at the sewing machine for hours on end is no longer a reality, but a marvel. ;)

I used up the last bit of some cheerful yellow calico and used my Anthro apron as a pattern base. Instead of lace I used rick rack. It's up in the shop tonight. Oh, and there is just a little over a week to take advantage of the free state-side shipping! :)

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Cooking before Pinterest

Going away to college is a good thing in a wide variety of ways, but it also helps me keep accountable for the stuff I do need and the stuff that is just ... stuff. I took a couple bags to the thrift store the other day and I was hoping to fill a few more this afternoon, but then I came to the fact that I can't get rid of my cookbooks. They are useful.

from Victoria's "At Table with Family and Friends" cookbook

It's easy to go on Pinterest and see half of your feed all recipes or recipe modifiers, and yes, I do have a recipe board (or two?) on Pinterest, but in all honesty, there is nothing like pulling out your wooden box of family recipes. Or pulling fun cookbooks off the shelf like the Anne of the Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Tasha Tudor, or Victoria cookbooks to help you get inspired to use those dried cranberries or the over abundance of herbs.

And before you think I'm bashing Pinterest, I'm not. Perhaps it's that I am what some people call " an old soul" and I find pleasure in slipping on an apron and making a good, healthy recipe that I can touch and turn to by holding a book or recipe card.

(Don't even get me started on kindles or nooks!) ;)
Since in college I will have little time for consistent blogging (though this year my posts have been anything but consistent...) I'm thinking about having a series of random favorite things to share with you and being that today I've been stuck on kitchen related things, here is the pilot of the series of "Weekend Favorites" --

[No. 1] This recipe box from the Rifle Paper Company. It fits the larger 4 x 6 sized recipe cards. It comes with pretty cards, too.
[No. 2] A super cute apron from Anthropologie. I found this on clearance several months ago and is the first store-bought apron I've ever owned. ;)

[No. 3] Doesn't this picture make you want to zoom in and read off the recipe cards?

Courtesy of Pinterest
[No. 4] Summer dining on the porch

from Lanier's Books
What are some of your favorite to-go-to recipes books?

Friday, August 08, 2014

Hunter Boots

Don't let the title be deceiving. I've never gone hunting in my life. ;) There were times when I used to wish I could in my childhood days and around 10 years old I got to use a "22" once during a church-related father/daughter camp out. That was the one and only time, but was called "Annie Oakley" from some of the dads there since I hit every target (aka. pop cans and two-liter pop bottles). :P

Oh, but that was a side note. I was originally going to introduce you to the brand, Hunter Boots. My British-loving sister told me about them, and I had to agree that they were rather cute looking. But were they functional and comfortable to wear for possibly hours at a time? A couple of years I ago I found some rain boots on clearance at Target and my legs & feet greatly despised the hours I walked in them while living in Georgia, so comfort was a must.

Courtesy of Pinterest
I drove to a big shopping mall in the Big City to try on a pair and hopefully walk out with boots in my hand, but alas the ones they carried were not on sale and I wasn't about to pay full price. But they certainly met my demand for comfort! Happily, I found a pair on their website for nearly half the price with free shipping.

And they just arrived on the delivery truck today! Part of me feels guilty about investing in them, but I guess some people buy cowboy boots and some, well, buy rain boots. ;)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Vintage sewing

The sewing bug has bit me. And in the unusual place of the 1940s and 50s. ;) It's rather odd, too, as those years are ones that I'm naturally fond of. Perhaps it was this dress I saw on etsy not to long ago:

What's also strange is that I'm not a polka dot person at all. 75% of my wardrobe is stripes and the rest is solid or woven to go with said striped items. ;) The dress is quite simple from what I can tell, with just a full aline skirt attached to the empire waist. Perhaps this will be included with my other tucked-away ideas for future reference.

In the mean time I really want to sew up that 1930s frock I posted about months ago. This 1930s dress I pinned on pinterest is sort of an inspiration for it.

Hmm. Polka dots again. Maybe they're starting to grow on me. Or maybe I'm just recovering from being bitten from the sewing bug. ;)