Friday, August 08, 2014

Hunter Boots

Don't let the title be deceiving. I've never gone hunting in my life. ;) There were times when I used to wish I could in my childhood days and around 10 years old I got to use a "22" once during a church-related father/daughter camp out. That was the one and only time, but was called "Annie Oakley" from some of the dads there since I hit every target (aka. pop cans and two-liter pop bottles). :P

Oh, but that was a side note. I was originally going to introduce you to the brand, Hunter Boots. My British-loving sister told me about them, and I had to agree that they were rather cute looking. But were they functional and comfortable to wear for possibly hours at a time? A couple of years I ago I found some rain boots on clearance at Target and my legs & feet greatly despised the hours I walked in them while living in Georgia, so comfort was a must.

Courtesy of Pinterest
I drove to a big shopping mall in the Big City to try on a pair and hopefully walk out with boots in my hand, but alas the ones they carried were not on sale and I wasn't about to pay full price. But they certainly met my demand for comfort! Happily, I found a pair on their website for nearly half the price with free shipping.

And they just arrived on the delivery truck today! Part of me feels guilty about investing in them, but I guess some people buy cowboy boots and some, well, buy rain boots. ;)


Lauren said...

How exciting! I love the look of Hunter boots, and would love to get a pair of them someday! :)

Cheri said...

Lauren, thankyou for your comment! I'm excited to put them to good use this fall. :)