Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Confessions of a Seamstress & Musician

Less than four weeks to go to finish this semester, and that's including the 5 day Thanksgiving break that we have (Wed.-Sun.). We are now going over the last segment of material in classes for our final exams, we're practicing for our orchestra concerts that will be next weeks, and feverishly working our fingers and brains to memorize and play our piece in the violin recital at the very end of this month. I also have to memorize a prelude-something-or-another for piano.
My love for music has intensified this semester, and probably because I'm learning and understanding so much. I'm already anticipating next semester.
But to honestly confess, I've been itching to sit in front of the sewing machine and make that needle fly. That's such a good feeling, is it not? :) There are so many new ideas mulling around, thanks to my frequent visits (read: visits, not purchases) at Anthropologie. I go in there most of the time to try on stuff, and capture mental images on how to recreate it. Just the other day I tried on a skirt, and absolutely adored it. I sent the link to my mother as a hint for a Christmas idea, and she writes back, "Couldn't you just make it?" ;)
For the month that I'm home over Christmas, I think I shall devote one hour to sewing everyday. The time will most likely and naturally extend itself, but that's okay, too.
Until then, happy November days to you all of crunching on random leaves, tea drinking, reading for pleasure, shopping, and other things you might enjoy doing. And yes, I've been able to manage to find time to do all of those things, too, plus some. :)