Monday, April 28, 2008

Where's Waldo Cheri?

Where has she disappeared and what has she been up to?

If you can believe it, I only sewed up one item last week, and that was a skirt (I'll post pictures once my sister downloads them from her camera). Last week I did however get some inspiration for some sewing projects:

  • One of attending a Colonial Living History day down in the big city put on by a church and homeschoolers. As you all know, trying a Colonial era gown has seemed a bit daunting for me, but after some inspiration from a couple ladies from S&S combined with seeing some gorgeous gowns a few days ago, I have decided to plunge in and give it a go. The general census is that the J.P. Ryan patterns are good and not to difficult, so whenever I get some extra funds I'll be purchasing a couple patterns from there, using this fabric.
  • Second was getting the 1910's Tea Gown pattern as a birthday gift. The Edwardian and 19-teens era would probably be my favorite era's, and I have always admired the pictures shown on the website. I adore the floaty layers of sheer chiffon pastels... Anybody up for a tea party? =)

Right now I have a lot going on outside of the sewing room ... a garden to think about, a violin audition in about two weeks, the possibility of being out of town next week ... so I don't know how much I'll post this week, since I'm not sure how much time I'll devote to my fabric and machines. =) We shall see...

In the meantime, I knocked some $ off of a few items in my shop to clear them out of here, and make way for some new stuff.

Monday, April 21, 2008

70s Wrap Apron

a new 70s Wrap Apron is in the shop tonight...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabric Craze

Well, has anyone else been enjoying the sales at JoAnn's this week? It ends tomorrow, so if you need something, or want something, you just might head over there! I confess that I've already been there twice this week and may be going again tomorrow with a friend. =) Here are a few pictures to prove my purchases (though some were bought awhile ago, at antique stores, or online) ...

Fabric for a Regency gown and navy linen for a Regency robe:

Various fabrics for totes and aprons:
Linens for a spring/summer peasant shirt and tiered skirt:

And then Erin and I stopped off at our local thrift store where besides some summer sandals, I found these bags loaded with tatting thread! I was thrilled too with them containing mostly size 30 which makes for perfect bookmarks. I've already added some new tatted bookmarks to my etsy shop. =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coming soon to the shop...

A cheery and spring-ish 1930's apron made in a green and white floral cotton with bits of butter yellow rick rack.

I just added it ... Somehow making it and seeing it up on Arabella made me smile. =)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A view of the sewing room

This afternoon I was getting a creative-feeling-streak and started pulling out stashed fabrics, trims, and whatnot. Not sure what I'll start with, but thought you all my get a kick out of seeing my side of the sewing room.

I assure you, it isn't normally this disastrous unless I'm feeling really creative. =)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Hobo Sling Bags

Wouldn'tcha know ... a vintage tote bag pattern that I finally was able to get, didn't have the main pattern pieces in it?! Thankfully I was able to sort of make out the shape of it from another pattern piece in there.

And of course, all the cute pocket pattern pieces were missing, so I had to make up my own. I chose a cross-grain oval-bottom shaped that is lightly gathered at the top, to a thin band.

The actual pattern was dated in the 60's, but I think that it could pass for 70's. Especially when made up from vintage 70's fabric that I picked up from the flea market. =) Needless to say, they are a little "original" in design, but that's what makes them fun! Don'tcha think?! =)
I already have a few stashed fabrics and little fun trims that I've been wanting to use for totes, so keep an eye out for them since I just might add them to my shop without any announcement like the tote showed above.
And guess what? Today at work, I saw someone carrying one of these exact sling bags around! It looked like it was a "real vintage" one made out of a tapestry type fabric with bright embroidery designs. Fun, fun!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

If all else fails*...

...go to Christopher & Banks!

I have had my eye on this retro, British, toile-looking designed skirt for some time now. Today I saw it on sale, plus 40% off the sale price, so I gave in and bought it. =)

Yes, I do sew most of my own things, but every now and then when I need something (or see something I think I need) =) my favorite place to shop for clothes is Christopher & Banks. A good majority of their stock is beautiful, attractive, and feminine. They also have great sales too. For instance, today they had a store-wide 40% off all items. So if it was a regular priced item or if it was marked down, you got 40% off! They only do this sale twice a year, and so Mama & I took advantage of it this afternoon. =D

*And by the way, nothing failed in the sewing room, but shopping at C&B is still fun! And thanks to Leah for taking the picture.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring Church Dress

I got on a roll with sewing this afternoon, and I finished up a dress that I was going to have done for Easter. I never did get it done in time. I had the top part finished, but didn't feel like doing the skirts, putting in a zipper up until today... =)

It is a polyester (Simply Silky) from JoAnn's that I picked up on sale last year; it looked so cheery, and springish! And sorry, but I don't have any pattern numbers for this dress since a friend of mine gave me her's and I almost want to say that she made it up. But it is a princess-seam style dress with short sleeves, and straight, a-line style skirts with darts.

I thought on the chilly days, my Land's End sweater, which was a $3 thrift store find, would pair up nicely with it:

Finally, I can sew!

After what happened to my finger, I haven't done a great deal of sewing. Well that combined with just being busy with other things. But thankfully my finger is healing, and while I don't think life is going to slow down anytime soon, I managed to sew up the two aprons for the shop: