Saturday, January 23, 2016

Comings and Goings

The fall semester came and went. The start of Christmas break found a friend and I taking a road trip back home with lots of music (Can you believe I never heard the music from Phantom of the Opera? I got choked up, I won't lie...), philosophical discussions, coffee stops, and sneaking in pictures as we traveled along the beautiful highways.

Christmas Break. It was wonderful. It was a time of...

sleeping in,
my persian cats snuggling up to my face,
lazy mornings on the couch bathed in sunshine,

laughter, stories, and movies,
Christmas books, and candles,
late night sister talks,
going on two brother-sister dates,

shopping at all of my favorite thrift stores and antique stores,
lots of rest,
caroling with good friends, 

snow storms,
family gathering around the kitchen with steaming mugs of tea or coffee,
having someone pour encouragement and prayer into your life (and then buying you a scarf and a matching necklace & earring set and saying, "When you wear these, remember I'm praying for you),

and much more could be said about the break. It was wonderful. But then it came time to leave and make the same trek back to school. This time driving solo, but it was good to spend that time in solitude, prayer, and thanksgiving.

The semester is only 1 1/2 weeks underway, and we have already been blessed with a three day weekend. Snow and ice came two nights ago, so classes were canceled yesterday, much to everyone's delight! This morning we woke up with a little bit more snow and a magical-looking world. I slipped into my moccasin shoes and took a couple pictures from our back porch.

My roommate and I have been making use of our extra time for rest, making a mess of the kitchen (she made pumpkin cinnamon rolls this morning, which we enjoyed over piping-hot mugs of coffee), and homework or practice.

Perhaps with being so busy with college, I have to say that I never miss sewing but then yesterday some kinda of wave went over me and I was longing for a sewing machine, soft fabrics, and paper patterns. :) If I'm not writing in vain, (though I can't blame anyone for deserting a blog that used to consistently appear with with posts, but then die away once school became a higher priority) what are some sewing projects that you all are working on this winter?

Before you know it winter will have come and gone, too. Growing up and even now, I've loved the winter (but then maybe only because my favorite season follows it) and whether it's the earth seasons or seasons of life, I want to learn to savor each one for what it is.

I close with a good quote I read on a blog a while back:

"The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination." - Terri Guillemets