Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas greetings from our home to yours!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas! We have lots of snow here from a recent blizzard; the first white Christmas we have had here at our home after living here for 8 years.
Along with some other gifts this morning, I was surpirsed to find three new historical patterns from They are three patterns from the Regency collection, so as a seamstress, tackling a new historical pattern is great fun! =) Watch for some items to go up on ebay within the next few weeks.
For God -- the greatest giver
so loved -- the greatest motive
the world -- the greatest need
that He gave -- the greatest act
His only begotten Son -- the greatest gift
that whosoever -- the greatest invitation
believes in Him -- the greatest opportunity
should not perish -- the greatest deliverance
but have everlasting life -- the greatest joy.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Ready-mades revamped!

Well, we decided to go ahead and keep the sale up for some of our older ready-mades, and then we added a couple new ones.
We also finally got our nearly-new section up. For those of you who are not familiar with it, we usually sell dresses for a discounted price. The apparel has usually been worn once or twice, or we have prewashed the fabric and/or garment without it being worn. But what we list is in good condition and they are not flawed in any way.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The CD's are here!

Today Erin's CD's came! =D They came right before two of my students (brother and sister) arrived for their lessons, and so I wasn't able to join in for all the excitement, but the boxes are sitting in the dining room, just waiting to be opened and for the CD's to be sent out!
AND if they get shipped out tomorrow (she'll be shipping first class I think) there could be a possibility of you receiving your CD(s) before Christmas if you live here in the US.
Speaking of Christmas, as a early gift for Erin, I bought her a domain site, and wouldn't you know, the lady who gives me hosting was able to get me added this morning and now Erin's very own site is up and running! =D Visit her website at:
EDIT: There has been a change in shipping and handling rates. Please visit the website to see actual shipping charges per CD and for orders of larger quantities. If you have previously ordered, don't worry if the figures don't add up to what you paid for.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

50% off this weekend ONLY!

Every year around Christmas time, we offer a 50% off sale for our Ready-made items to move some "old-timers" out and bring in some new ones. So this Friday and Saturday ONLY, we are offering to you this special sale!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crocheting help needed

Last evening Erin taught me how to crochet a "granny square." She learned from the mother that she helped out while she was out in PA, and since having been taught the single and double stitch from our Grandma a couple years ago, I was eager to learn something new! =)

Working on it last night and this morning, I got to about a potholder sized (about 8") square and am pretty happy with it! Since I'm very low on the yarn, I thought I would just make a couple pot holders to use it up, and then see if I can make an afghan or something.

But Erin was never showed how to "close" or finish it! So would any of you ladies who may be reading this, know how to do this? Do I just join the gap as if I were going to start another "row" but not chain two? I'd post a picture of it, but blogger isn't letting me for some reason, so I hope this make sense. =)

And by the way, are there any sites out that someone would recommend for easy or beginner "crocheters." I've searched for a few, but I can't read the "chicken scratch" or "coding" they use for patterns just yet.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Erin's CD

Erin's CD is finally done, praise the Lord! =) From the two she brought back with her, it sounds so beautiful, and she has already received many compliments from people who have heard it. The CD's are in the process of being shipped here, so for those of you who have ordered a CD (or more), it shouldn't be to long before you get yours!
Would you like to hear a sound clip? It is the last song on the CD. It is a medley of Be Still My Soul, Be Still and Know, and Be Silent. She also did vocals on this one. Click here:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Looking for an embroidery site

I am in the midst of looking for an embroidery site that would show you how to do basic stitches. Are there any sites like that out there that someone could recommend? Anything would be appreciated, as I am working on a sampler that was started long ago and am nearly finished with it except for the knots (are they french knots?) that are to be in the centers of the daisies, and I can't remember how to do them. I have tried, but it ends up turning into a tangled mass of thread. =)
And while I have your attention, =) do any of you of a site that offers free embroidery patterns for pillow cases, napkins, etc that aren't very intricate?