Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another gown

Hesitatingly I decided to list another Regency gown on ebay. One of these days I'm going to make one so that I can keep it myself. Maybe the one that is 100% silk dupioni in cream with a green velveteen spencer jacket? I have yet to make both of those, so we'll see. =)

Up on the "to-do-list" is a 1910's blouse. Remember the one pattern that I was raving about awhile back? I decided to splurge, and when ahead to purchase it. And guess what, it was on sale too. =D

Friday, April 20, 2007

Busy times...

If you have e-mailed us lately and have not heard a response, please know that we probably have received it, but haven't been on the computer much. At this point, I'm not sure if all of them have been repied to or not, so you wrote within the last month or so and haven't heard back from us, we may need a reminder that we haven't answered you!

So what has been keeping the e-mail replier busy? =) Mainly violin. Having a set goal at 18 hours a week of practice time is not as easy to accomplish as one might think. I have done a little bit of sewing and will be adding a couple items to the ladies apparel section hopfully soon.

Wardrobe advice from 1922:

"Always select or make designs that enhance your daintiness, your femininity, your exquisite delicacy and tenderness. Do this with every stitch of clothing you have, from bungalow aprons to bathing suits, from sport costumes to ball gowns. Endeavor to provide yourself with an entire wardrobe of dainty and cuddlesome garments, each piece as bewitching as the wearer herself." --Fascinating Womanhood, St. Louis: Psychology Press

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vintage 40's dress: Simplicity 3778

Sewing with vintage patterns can become quite addicting! And I should also add: not to mention buying vintage patterns! The above pattern is one that I fell in love with, and ::cough:: spent a little more than planning, to secure the pattern when bidding on ebay. A dress that buttons on the side often allure me, so how could I not get it?

Overall, I am very happy with the dress that I made from that pattern. The only thing I changed was instead of doing darts in the upper sleeve, I gathered it. Oh and I added 2 inches to the hem to make it come around mid-calf length than just-below-the-knee area.

Because of paying for my own violin lessons and various other music pursuits, I decided to list this dress on ebay. I also made a coordinating vintage 30's/40's apron that is included with the dress. Check the listing out here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Patterns for sale

After cleaning out the sewing room and pattern bins, I came across a few patterns that we looked off of for ideas's for custom-made clothing and we no longer need them, so if you do sewing your self, you may be interested in some patterns that I listed on ebay that are all 99 cents!

Oh, and in other news, I have updated our Ladies apparel section and the Nearly New section

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Open for discussion!

Today I received the following e-mail, and thought that it would be a great opportunity to post it here:

Thank you so much for your ministry! It is so
good to know that you are holding up a godly standard in dress and encouraging
other ladies in the same!

I was wondering if you could give me
advise or ideas about a modesty seminar/fashion show I am organizing for some
churches in my area (Southern California). From your experience, what are the
most important areas that Christian women are neglecting or misunderstanding in
how they dress? What can I give them as far as resources for modest clothing?
Would you be interested in loaning some of your handwork to show and promote
your business? Are there attitudes/manerisms that need to be

Any thoughts you have would be so

So what would be your thoughts ladies? We certainly don't have "all the answers" just because we are a business! =) So, the floor is all yours! (Please note that anything not appropriate will be deleted)