Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another gown

Hesitatingly I decided to list another Regency gown on ebay. One of these days I'm going to make one so that I can keep it myself. Maybe the one that is 100% silk dupioni in cream with a green velveteen spencer jacket? I have yet to make both of those, so we'll see. =)

Up on the "to-do-list" is a 1910's blouse. Remember the one pattern that I was raving about awhile back? I decided to splurge, and when ahead to purchase it. And guess what, it was on sale too. =D


Anonymous said...

When you sell your beautiful handsewn items on ebay, do you get you usually make enough money on them? I have thought of selling handsewn items on ebay but didn't know if I would make any profit. For example, this dress looks like the material alone and lace would cost more than $20!!

Cheri said...

Thanks for asking! I'll answer this shortly by making another post... =)