Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Gloria

If you ever browse through the archives of aprons that I've posted about, you will have probably seen Gloria a few times. She's definately a 50s gal -- easy, and stylishly cute.
This one is in the shop tonight.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer in the Black & White

When I bought the fabric online, I had absolutely no clue that the print would be so ... so monstrous! If you're a fan of black and white stuff, you'll be happy to know that I resisted the great temptation to add some color to it. =)
You don't have to ask, because it's in the shop!

And a big thankyou for all of your kind notes and comments in my previous post. I'm not giving up on sewing entirely (that would be impossible, I think!) but due to higher desires, it will definitely not be on the list of priorities. As I'm able, I'll try to keep this updated to some extent. =) You have no idea how thankful I am for all of your encouragement and support!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 Dollar Totes

While this week's work schedule isn't that much different than last week (you would have not wanted to see me last weekend!) I have been able to get in the sewing room a little bit more. Thanks to some brilliant readers out there, I'll be able to get those sashes attached to the 1912 dress and hopefully listed on ebay soon. Or perhaps a reader would like to save me the trouble of doing so, and purchase it directly?

This afternoon I pulled out a prairie blouse that I've had cut out for awhile, and start pieceing the brown calico together. The inspiration to make it came from recently watching the Dr. Quinn series that they did back in the 90's. Our local libraries have most, if not all of the seasons so we've been having fun watching several episodes. Anyhoo...

What was I making this post for? Oh yes! I marked down all the totes in the shop down to $10 each. Considering the amount of yardage, time put into them, AND that they are reversible, that't not to bad. Here's what I've got.

Monday, July 20, 2009


So. After examining my inspiration a bit closer, it appears the the "swim dress" had two sashes and a both of silky look texture.
Two instead of picking up chiffon, I picked up two kinds of polyester silky-like fabrics.
My question now is, how do I attach it to the dress?

Should I sew the sash to the side seams and then pretty close to the zipper? How do I obtain it without seeing a bunch of sewn-down seams everywhere?

Any suggestions?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gracie Aprons in the Shop

You may have noticed that I have a couple of new Gracie Aprons in the shop. One bound in a royal blue and the other in a sweet pink.

Take a look, if you please...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My to-do list

  • Go to the local family-owned business to buy thread
  • Pick up some dark pink chiffon to finish Titanic dress
  • Sew up the peach fabric that has been sitting on my table for months
  • Sort through patterns to sell
  • Fish through stashed fabric to either use or sell

Somehow between working over twenty hours this week and music lessons, I hope to tackle this list or at least part of it. Having a list to go by should be helpful.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Seamstress' Block?

According to Wikipedia, a writer's block where it is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial, a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task in hand. At the other extreme, some "blocked" writers have been unable to work for years on end, and some have even abandoned their careers.

I suppose the same could be true for a seamstress. I haven't been in the sewing room for over a week partly because of the lack of inspiration to sew, partly because my schedule has been far to busy to include sewing into it, and partly because I don't have the thread that I need to sew a couple projects. So there you have it, and now know why I seemed to have abandoned my blog! Hopefully the "fog will lift" as I will need to sew as much as I can before fall gets here.

Monday, July 06, 2009

A Plaid Shirt for Summer

Using one of the fabrics that I got from Paradise, this weekend I pulled out my favorite Simplicity 4499 and started cutting. I love using patterns that I don't have to alter or change when I'm in a hurry. The high-quality cotton was a breeze to work with too, and comfortable to wear which I am glad for. The green and blue shades remind me of Michigan.

Was I in a hurry to make this? Well, not exactly, but I have a few shirts for work and some for dressy occasions, but not much to mention about that would be labeled under "everyday" that I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear in public. I made it cap-sleeve style and instead of pleating them into the armcycle, I lightly gathered them. The buttons came off of one of Daddy's old work shirts. They've been in my button tin for years (and I have many more!) and I decided that I would use those. Here's hoping that they don't look like they came from a guy's shirt.

One of my sister's agreed to take these pictures, but before doing so, I said that I should iron my skirt first. She said, "Oh, no one will pay attention to it."

So make sure you don't look at it. =)

Friday, July 03, 2009

New Aprons!

A couple of new "Ginnies" are in the shop today!

Meet the Daggetts

For my Revolutionary War reenacting friends, I took pictures of the Daggett Farmhouse while we were at Greenfield Village. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Looking Back into Time

Of course I can't show you everything, but I picked out some fun pictures that I thought my sewing/historical loving friends might enjoy seeing. All of them are click-able to see a full sized version, and just because I felt like it, I watermarked them.

For a day we went over, via ferry, to Mackinac Island where there are no motorized vehicles. Your mode of transportation is either taking a carriage ride, a horse ride, a bike ride, or the old-standby of using your own two feet to get around.

All over the island, quaint cottages, homes, buildings, and bed & breakfasts add such beauty. I'm always so mesmerized at their flower gardens. I of course come home brimming full of ideas!

Lilacs were in full bloom that day.

The amazing Grand Hotel. It's something to see it in a picture, but it is beyond words to see it in real life.

It's okay if you want to turn on your Narnia soundtracks. =) I wanted to when I saw the Pictured Rocks in the UP of Michigan. Those are the real colors.

Tahquamenon Falls

Towards the end of our trip, we visited the charming Greenfield Village. I'm not even going to begin to describe it all, so you'll have to take a look at the link provided. But basically it is a place where famous people and families homes, workshops, sawmills, etc are moved to. Such as the Wright Brother's workshop, many many buildings of Thomas Edison's, Noah Webster's house, and SO much more. You can tour most of these, and the majority of them have the real everything (wallpaper, carpets, furniture, etc...) inside. It spans history from the 1600s to 1940s.

This millinery shop is always a favorite of my sisters, mother, and I. Inside the cases below (and more of which I didn't get) have real pieces from the late 1800s/early 1900s displayed. The hats on the stands can be tried on for fun. =)

My favorite place in the village is the Firestone Farmhouse that dates in the 1880s. A couple ladies were in the kitchen eating plum cake. Upon arriving, ther were a couple of guys (in period clothing of course and a horse drawn wagon) out in the field bringing in hay. The huge barn is fun to go in too. It looks similar to the King's barn on Road to Avonlea.

There are all kinds of people dressed up and walking around from all kinds of eras, but the majority being in the early 1900's. I came across a singing group of folks in 30's-like apparel. I thought of you instantly, Laura. =) Don't you just adore the ladies shoes?! I was so tempted to snag one of them and ask them if they knew where they came from. Sadly, I had to keep on walking before they got done singing.

And there you go, my dears! I hope that gives you a little taste of our vacation. Upon returning home I am realizing that I have an insanely busy summer ahead of me, but I'll post when I can of the projects that I'm able to work on. Some delectable goodies are being planned.