Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Looking Back into Time

Of course I can't show you everything, but I picked out some fun pictures that I thought my sewing/historical loving friends might enjoy seeing. All of them are click-able to see a full sized version, and just because I felt like it, I watermarked them.

For a day we went over, via ferry, to Mackinac Island where there are no motorized vehicles. Your mode of transportation is either taking a carriage ride, a horse ride, a bike ride, or the old-standby of using your own two feet to get around.

All over the island, quaint cottages, homes, buildings, and bed & breakfasts add such beauty. I'm always so mesmerized at their flower gardens. I of course come home brimming full of ideas!

Lilacs were in full bloom that day.

The amazing Grand Hotel. It's something to see it in a picture, but it is beyond words to see it in real life.

It's okay if you want to turn on your Narnia soundtracks. =) I wanted to when I saw the Pictured Rocks in the UP of Michigan. Those are the real colors.

Tahquamenon Falls

Towards the end of our trip, we visited the charming Greenfield Village. I'm not even going to begin to describe it all, so you'll have to take a look at the link provided. But basically it is a place where famous people and families homes, workshops, sawmills, etc are moved to. Such as the Wright Brother's workshop, many many buildings of Thomas Edison's, Noah Webster's house, and SO much more. You can tour most of these, and the majority of them have the real everything (wallpaper, carpets, furniture, etc...) inside. It spans history from the 1600s to 1940s.

This millinery shop is always a favorite of my sisters, mother, and I. Inside the cases below (and more of which I didn't get) have real pieces from the late 1800s/early 1900s displayed. The hats on the stands can be tried on for fun. =)

My favorite place in the village is the Firestone Farmhouse that dates in the 1880s. A couple ladies were in the kitchen eating plum cake. Upon arriving, ther were a couple of guys (in period clothing of course and a horse drawn wagon) out in the field bringing in hay. The huge barn is fun to go in too. It looks similar to the King's barn on Road to Avonlea.

There are all kinds of people dressed up and walking around from all kinds of eras, but the majority being in the early 1900's. I came across a singing group of folks in 30's-like apparel. I thought of you instantly, Laura. =) Don't you just adore the ladies shoes?! I was so tempted to snag one of them and ask them if they knew where they came from. Sadly, I had to keep on walking before they got done singing.

And there you go, my dears! I hope that gives you a little taste of our vacation. Upon returning home I am realizing that I have an insanely busy summer ahead of me, but I'll post when I can of the projects that I'm able to work on. Some delectable goodies are being planned.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same island where Somewhere in Time took place? The hotel looks familiar and your pictures are beautiful.

Ruth Ann said...

your pictures are lovely Cheri! Looks like you had an amazingly wonderful time. I love them all - but the one of the lilacs is really gorgeous. It must pay off to have a photographer for a sister...or else you're just really good at it anyway. [smiles]

Leah said...

Good. Real good.

King's child said...

Oh this is beautiful! I'll have to put that place on my "Need--to--visit--someday" list. ;D


Cheri said...


Yes, this is the same island where Somewhere in Time was filmed. =) Tons of fun and almost feels like you've stepped back into time.

Ruth Ann,

Thankyou. You are very kind. =) I just pretend to have an eye for photography, but someday I think it would be fun to take courses just to know the basics of it.

Leah and Caitlyn,

Thanks. =) These are indeed favorite places of ours!

Sarah Jane said...

Oh how absolutely glorious!!!! I want to go!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Elinor Dashwood said...

Ohhhh, that is SOOOO beautiful! That is one place my family and I would love to go for vacation!
Oh fun, no cars allowed! That's my type of place. :-)

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences! I wonder how far of a drive these places would be from us... I would love to vacation there sometime! And perhaps even visit Greenfield Village in some 1930s attire. ;-)

YayaOrchid said...

What or where is the UP of Michigan? That would have to be my favorite photo! It looks so tropical and lushly green. My second favorite would be the hat shop. Makes me want to try on all the hats and buy some as well! What a marvelous trip you took Cheri! I'm so green with envy! :)

YayaOrchid said...

P.S. I really must learn how to do a watermark on a photo. It looks so classy and professional!

Cindy said...

What a wonderful trip you had.

LeAnne said...

These are beautiful, Cheri!

Cheri said...

So glad that everyone enjoyed the pictures. =)

YayaOrchid, the UP is the Upper Peninsula.

Gillian said...

Ah, these take me back! We took a family vacation to the U.P. probably 6 years ago now... I loved the island.

Sarah, if you wanted to go ever, you're welcome to stop in with us on the way! We're in south-eastern MI :)

Zebu said...


Where is Mackinac Island? (Oh, just read that it is in Michigan). I would love to travel there!

Can one find out about it through their chamber as far as vacationing there?

Do they do re-enacting, i.e. the men bringing in the hay and the ladies cooking?

I want to put this on my list of historical must-sees!