Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Giveaway: a Rosebud Gracie apron

I wasn't planning on doing a giveaway for this apron. It was a very gently used sheet from Laura Ashley that I bought, and unfortunately, there is some discoloration towards the top of the apron, and a few light smudges on a very small area in the flounce.

The fabric is 50% combed cotton and 50% polyester, which makes this apron incredibly soft. So combine the used sheet with its softness, and someone (or you!) just might believe you are wearing a REAL 1940's apron!

The back view:

Oh yes, and it has shoots of spring green grass growing rick-rack on the pockets to finish off this adorable apron!

All you have to do to enter, is leave a comment with your name (first name and last initial, please).

You can be entered twice, by posting a link over to this post from your blog, and then leave a second comment (please be sure to leave your blog address too)!

I will choose a winner by Friday noon (CST), and will post the winner shortly thereafter.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Linen in Ruffles

Several years ago I purchased a couple yards of some beautiful slate blue linen to make up into an ankle length skirt with a bias ruffle. Unfortunately, I only had enough to cut out one of two of the skirt pieces and the bias flounce. Going back to JoAnn's to pick up some more, I was in utter dismay to find that ours, all surrounding fabric stores, and ones well over an hour away no longer carried this shade of blue. Stashing it away until the spring in hopes to get more when linen was "in season", I was only disappointed again and again as I kept it in a box for a couple years.

This spring however I decided it was high time to do something with it. So, I cut the front skirt in two, only to make a very short skirt. To remedy this situation, I simply added a longer white flounce underneath the blue one, to add some wanted length. Ta da!

A bit of crocheted lace encircles the top of it too, adding a special touch of feminine elegance.
Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out, although I'm not sure if I will keep it or sell it. It certainly makes one feel like twirling in it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Ginnie!

I have finally decided upon a name for my 1930's Depression Era apron. Listing it as a "depression apron" on etsy was, well, to depressing for me and as Sarah Whitting in "Sarah, Plain & Tall" thought that lambs needed naming, I think aprons should have names for a bit of distinguishment!

"Ginnie" , pronounced with a J sound and not a G, seems to perfectly suit this sweet and simple style:

From fun pockets with rick-rack and vintage buttons...

to other bits of trim and lace...

...I believe it just might be my all-time favorite apron!

To celebrate this fun occasion, I have marked all of my "Ginnie" aprons down to $15 for the weekend. That is a $3 to $5 savings, depending on the fabric that was used!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A warning for those who sew

Our "resident expert" on the Sense & Sensibility sewing forum posted this, and I wanted to pass this along here, as I know the majority of you sew:

Could I please recommend that everyone who tears fabric for clothes/costume, rather than cutting it, buys AND USES a face mask from a pharmacy. My incurable, though treatable, lung problem could be caused by inhaling fibres from tearing calico/muslin for petticoats, and silks and cottons. I would hate anyone to go the same medical route as me, and many of you are a lot younger than I was when I started working with costumes. This also goes for people who work with fibre like knitting, spinning and weaving.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Country Thistle

A country thistle apron has been added to "the cottage" this evening...

A Peasant Shirt for Spring

Back in 2006, I made a peasant shirt out of a pink and purple plaid lightweight cotton, and it has been one of my favorites to wear each spring and summer.
Cheri in 2006 at Mt. Rushmore
Having literally yards upon yards of this fabric, I will be making up peasant shirts for the shop...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Strawberries & Smiles

Over the weekend, a blog reader and etsy customer sent me a couple pictures of her sisters early birthday gift: the Strawberry Shortcake apron that was in the shop a couple weeks ago. Rachel shares,

"Yesterday, my 7 year old sister and I decided to make a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Although the Strawberry Shortcake apron was suppose to stay hidden until her Birthday in October, I just couldn't help myself! I have attached a couple of photos of her in her apron...SHE LOVES IT!!!"

And I say that she looks absolutely adorable in it! Thanks again for sharing the pictures, Rachel.

In other sewing news, the weather has taken a delightful chilly turn today which means sewing this afternoon, (perhaps some of you saw a few of the goodies I added to the shop last week? More are on the way!) and then a broccoli cheese quiche for supper. It will probably include tea as well.
Oh, and if it rains like the forcast said it would, I may get dressed up in Regency garb for a photo shoot. I'm with Anna when she said that she was "a romantic for the rain."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Rambling

Who wants to be locked up in a sewing room when we've been having such delightful spring weather?! Unfortunately due to some recent injury to my ankle, I can't take advantage of it by talking a walk or doing alot of physical exercise that requires movement in my foot. However I discovered that sewing doesn't bother it, and so sewing I shall do.

But how awkward it is to peer into ones fabric bin only to find just a few pieces left! However with what I have, I could sew up a few totes, maybe a couple aprons, and more than one peasant shirt for the shop. And of course, I still need to sew up my peach Regency robe too. Hmm, I think I'll have plenty to keep myself occupied for a few days.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreaming of a Rose Garden

Spring is coming, and I am already anticipating being able to work outside in my gardens. But today is a chilly overcast day, and with being layed up with some odd sickness, I've been keeping my hands busy in my sewing room this afternoon making a Rose Garden apron.

It is now available...in my "garden of goods". =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking for recipes!

I'm pulling out my apron and recipe books ladies. Why so? I have a couple packages of Brie cheese that I got for a total of $1.36 that I have no clue what to do with. Why did I get it? It was such a steal and I want to try making a recipe that I made last fall at Grandma's house. The ingredients you ask? In order:

*French bread, sliced in half

*Butter & brown sugar spread

*Apples slices

*Brie cheese on top

Then I baked this in the oven until the cheese started melting. I don't know what the name of it was; I was just given instructions by a lady from church on how to make this for a progressive dinner Grandma and I were hosting.

So. I could make this recipe, but I'm going to need a couple more to use up this cheese! Do any of you ladies use brie cheese? Do you have any favorite recipes you're willing to share, or web links that I could visit?

Oh yes, and speaking of aprons and getting in the kitchen...

Doesn't this give you some enthusiasm to bake pies, or cobbler, or something with cherries? =) You don't have to ask because it is available in my shop!

Aprons for a Customer

A couple weeks ago I received a note from an etsy customer asking if I could make her some Gracie aprons if she were to send me her own matieral. "Sure" was my reply, and here are her aprons! She never mentioned whether she wanted any special trim on them or not, so I took the liberty of adding it anyway.
Rick-rack or anything other kind of trim didn't seem to suit except a bit of cream ecru lace.
As you can see, I'm almost done with this one made in cheery spring print. The ties need to be added on, and then binding for the hem.

This one seemed to ask for some green vintage buttons that I picked up last fall in MI.

Hope she'll like them! If she doesn't, I may ask her if I can keep 'em! =)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Femininity Doesn't Have to be Expensive

"Oh! But I can't afford to wear skirts all the time! Do you know how many holes I get in my jeans?!

My reply is, have you ever looked into buying skirts at the thrift store? =) Two thirds of my skirts have either come from Christopher & Banks at a greatly-reduced price or a thrift store, and the other third have come from JoAnn's (ie, I made them myself).

Today I stopped off at a local thrift shop that "never has anything," you know. But I still frequent it every now and then when I'm in the mood. And am I ever glad that I went this afternoon!
I found this beautiful Ralph Lauren skirt that has easy wash instructions with the "twist to dry" method. It is a lovely cream and pink floral cotton and silk blend. Perfect for church or special occasions. I love all the godets (is that what they are called? The triangle insets?) that makes this skirt perfect for twirling in.
It even had the original price tag, which leads me to believe that it has never been worn!

With sales tax, I paid $4.26 for it. That's not to bad considering the original price!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hmm, what to think...

Every time I go to the closet that holds my historically-inspired clothing, or when I type in "ebay.com" into my browser, I get this awful feeling and then back out on listing something.

I thought that maybe it would help selling one item at a time; you know, sort of ease my way out of these lovelities (is that a word?). The first to go was going to be my Titanic "Swim Dress" (here and here for pictures) but now I can't even bring myself to even list this one!

Who would have thought that one could get to attached to clothing! Is this pathetic?!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Victorian Girl Dresses on Ebay

Both are listed on ebay with details and pictures.

Ladies clothing will be listed within a few days. Maybe. It's breaking my heart to think about selling them. =P