Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Ginnie!

I have finally decided upon a name for my 1930's Depression Era apron. Listing it as a "depression apron" on etsy was, well, to depressing for me and as Sarah Whitting in "Sarah, Plain & Tall" thought that lambs needed naming, I think aprons should have names for a bit of distinguishment!

"Ginnie" , pronounced with a J sound and not a G, seems to perfectly suit this sweet and simple style:

From fun pockets with rick-rack and vintage buttons...

to other bits of trim and lace...

...I believe it just might be my all-time favorite apron!

To celebrate this fun occasion, I have marked all of my "Ginnie" aprons down to $15 for the weekend. That is a $3 to $5 savings, depending on the fabric that was used!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri!
Sarah McMaster here. I just found this blog through Facebook, and wanted to say how wonderful it is! I had no idea how much you enjoyed sewing, and have been sitting here for some time ooh-ing, and ahh-ing over all the lovely things you have made! I was soo excited to see you love vintage clothing, classic literature, classical music, and so on! I to love all those things, and it was great to find someone else that shares the same interests! Sometimes I feel like quite the odd duck, because of my love for "dressing up" in clothes from past era's, hosting tea parties, etc.. It was a real inspiration to me to see that you seem to enjoy these type of things too! Maybe we could get together and sew sometime, (if you'd be interested). Keep up the amazing work! :)
-Sarah McM.-

Anonymous said...

By the way, "Ginnie" is adorable! Do you have a pattern for this apron?
-Sarah McM.-

Sarah Jane said...

I very much like the name you have chosen for this apron! It suits so well.

Cheri said...

Thankyou, to both Sarah's. =)

Sarah McM,

I'd love to get together with you to sew, play music, go an antique shopping, and all that good stuff! =) We'll have to figure out when it would work with both of our busy schedules. =)

Zebu said...


If I had extra money in the old budget right now, I would be snatching up an apron or two. You always do SUCH a marvelous job! Keep up the good work. :)