Saturday, August 30, 2008

The new design in an old-fashioned rose

This apron will be available later this afternoon.

You can still submit a name for this new design here at this post! I'll be accepting names for awhile. There are some great ones already suggested!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Name this apron!

Okay! I am tired of calling my aprons by their era. I think they need names for either my etsy listings or if I decided to produce patterns of them. We'll be having "a naming contest" for each of my aprons that I sell, and your more than welcome to recruit your blogging friends to help me out with this!

Three things to keep in mind:

1. This is a 1940's era apron (more pictures here and here) and so it should have a popular 40s era name

EDITED to add: It is also nearly indentical to a vintage 30's apron pattern, so popular 30's names are welcome too!

2. Leave your name idea in a comment and comment as much as you want with ideas

3. If the name that you picked is randomly chosen, you will receive a free pattern of the apron you named! (ie, if they end up getting produced!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vintage McCalls 4663 - 70s Stripe Shirt

There are alot of 70's patterns out there that just look a little weird, but some of them are really cute, and I liked this pattern when I saw it on ebay awhile back. This week I finally got around to making a top from it.
I decided to use up the rest of my stripe material that was originally just going to be for totes. =) Since there wasn't enough for the long sleeves, I opted to use the shorter sleeves. Not wanting them as the pattern showed them, I shortened them some and added an elastic casing.

Over all, I like the pattern. I took in 2 inches on each side after I sewed it up ... it was so roomy it would have made a perfect full-trimester pregnancy shirt! =) It still is quite blousey in the middle of the shirt, so I'll probably add some fabric or ribbon ties in the back. Since the back has a gathered yoke like the front, I would think darts would look a little funny, maybe?

But I like it enough to put my Emmeline apron over it. My only issue then was that I had to make sure I didn't get it dirty when baking in the kitchen this morning! =)
I made some Apple Nut Muffins. They are pretty much the only muffins I make anymore; they're that good! All I do is add an apple (pared, peeled, and chopped of course) and some cinnamon to my favorite batter, and then make the topping of brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped walnuts.

Monday, August 25, 2008

An apron for Cheri

I finally have been able to sit down and make an apron from this Emmeline Apron pattern. When I first came across it a few months ago, I immediately bought a pattern. But with sewing things to sell, making an apron for myself was at the bottom of the list, even though I have been needing some due to parting with a few favorites recently that I have had for years.

This apron is completely reversible and the straps can be tied in the back or front; either way!

This apron will be too much fun to wear! The pattern instructions were right. I'm not going to want to take it off! =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a quick reminder...

Ok, I won't say anything more of etsy for a long time, but thought that I'd make a quick reminder that I will be closing it up just while I'm away since I really don't want to take all those items with me.

And if I can do it, I'll be sewing up a couple aprons tomorrow to add; one 30's and one 50's. Keep your eye open for them. They are very cute fabrics with vintage rick rack and buttons.

1904 Girls Edwardian Tea Dress

I often keep my eye out for the American Girl dress patterns on ebay, and for the first time, I finally won one for a pretty good price. I'll still be searching for "Felicity" or "Kirsten" ones, but to get a "Samantha" one was fun.

So this week I dug out some tropical breeze fabric that was left over from my modest apparel business, made a few alterations, and finished it last night!

I want to make a green sash or get a green ribbon for the waist (rather than having a v'd belt as the pattern requires) but all I have currently is a piece of black ribbon, so for the pictures, I put it around the waist.
I even thought it would be lovely with an antique battenburg lace collar that I bought off of ebay years ago. The dress reminds me of something worn on Anne of Green Gables or the Road to Avonlea series. =)

So unless a reader absolutely has to have it, I am going to tuck it away for my own little girl someday if the Lord chooses to bless me with children. Yes, it may look very 80's style, but who knows by the time it's worn, perhaps the 80's style will be "in"! Regardless of styles and current fashions though, I just adore old-fashioned little girls clothing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

::grins:: Just one more tote bag

Okay, I promise that this is the last tote bag you'll see for awhile. =) I was inspired to make a "Musician's Tote Bag" for my friend, who will also be my violin teacher while I'm in MI.

Using brown corduroy and some more Heather Bailey fabrics, here is what it looks like:

It has the same button & ribbon closure, and instead of using vintage rick-rack on this one, I used a band of some left over fabric from my tote:

Up close detail

Sure hope she doesn't mind jelly beans. The inside is lined with jelly bean fabric! Maybe it will make her smile as it does me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Need of Tea

"Mrs Bunting! We are in desperate need of tea!"
quoting Mrs. Palmer from the 1995 version of Sense & Sensibility,
Eleanor and Marianne above after arriving to the Palmers estate

It has been a delightful few days for us as late with what some would refer to as "gloomy weather" of dark clouds and much rain, but I thoroughly enjoy it! Instead of sewing, I have kept myself busy around the house and this morning made some English Muffins.
One of my brothers (he'd be a perfect Englishman!) comes up to me, and says, "...We are in desperate need of tea!" He shares my delight and enthusiasm for English things, accents, and teas. I think I'll go put some water on the stove. Would anyone else like to join us? =)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Musican Tote Bag - Revisited

Does anyone remember my first attempt at making this "Musician Tote Bag" this past spring? I really liked it except for two things: the really long shoulder strap and the ribbon loop closure that seemed a little ... wacky, maybe?
For a long time now, I have admired this messenger bag pattern, but have never been quite willing to spend $12 for a pattern that I could design myself. So with that thought, I started thinking more, and cutting into fabric,
and wala!!
The inside is just one big pocket to hold many books, with room for lots more!

The front pockets hold my metronome, music flashcards, and other things perfectly!

I love the easy front closure of just wrapping a ribbon around a button. I also LOVE the Heather Bailey fabrics combined with a brown twill. Mmm, just perfectly suited for each other!

Oh yes, and the shoulder strap is a perfect length. I have a feeling that this thing is going to go with me everywhere from now on! =)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Regency dress

I was planning on sewing & selling another Regency dress before I leave in a couple of weeks, but the more I cut into this fabric, the more I am convinced that I cannot sell it. ::wink::

It's being made using the Elegant Ladies Closet pattern from Sense & Sensibility. Earlier this year I had in mind to make Marianne's picnic outfit and made the peach robe; pictures here and here, and though I've had the white sheer voile fabric, it hasn't been until now that I've pulled it out of my stash to start working on it.
It's not even all the way cut out yet, and am I 99% sure that it will be a keeper. As much as I can, I'm going to attempt to do french seams on the inside instead of a serger, and hand sew all the outer (visible) seams. As much as I dislike handsewing, I think it would be worth it in the long run.
My apologies to anyone who was secretly wishing for it themselves. =)