Saturday, August 30, 2008

The new design in an old-fashioned rose

This apron will be available later this afternoon.

You can still submit a name for this new design here at this post! I'll be accepting names for awhile. There are some great ones already suggested!


Gem said...

Oh, my! Now THIS is lovely! :)

Gem said...

Not that other things you make aren't also...this one just really sticks out as a favorite. :)

Lady Ruth Ann said...

oh I love it!! :) That is gorgeous fabric.

Rachel said...

How beautiful--I love the fabric and trim. ;)

Cheri said...

Thankyou, ladies. =) There is something fun about trying new ideas and trims.

Amber D.M. said...

I like the modifications you made, Cheri! Nicely done. The fabric is darling, too.

Amy said...


I love to view all the projects on your blog! I'm not even sure now how I found your blog, but it has been on my "favorites" list for quite a while.

This apron is lovely...I especially like the flounce on the bottom.

Have you ever considered some custom sewing work? I am a full-figured lady who would love a nice apron!

Amy P. in TN

Cheri said...

Thanks, Amber. I was happy with the way it turned out too.

Amy, thanks for visiting! It's always fun to "meet" readers of my blog. =) I used to have a custom-made sewing business, but with other pursuits, I laid that aside.