Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1940's Apron name Finals

Thanks to a blog reader for reminding me about my apron-naming-project! So many wonderful names were submitted that it has been impossible for me to randomly choose one!
So we'll have one more poll. I have chosen three of my favorites, and so leave a comment with your #1 choice out of the three, and which ever name has the most votes will be the one used for selling the aprons and hopefully patterns too!
So what will the name for this design be?



or Grace?
Only the person(s) who submitted the chosen name in this first post, will receive a free pattern if and when then are made.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Shop is back open!

Since sewing is not on my agenda while I'm gone , I couldn't stand keeping my shop closed, empty, and forlorn. There has to be something "alive" you know, in the handicraft and creative part of me. So I activated the items again, but since I don't have possession of the items (except for the Musician Tote) you may want to read my shop announcement for shipping details.

Off to keep the musician part of me vibrant and alive by practicing violin... =) It's sort of like sewing, one just can't stay away from it (music)! I'm truly loving it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Primitive Signs

Earlier this week I was delighted to hear from a long-time friend of mine, and she wrote a little note to say that she was opening up an etsy shop.

I tell you, this girl is really good at what she does! Their whole family of 14 children all have amazing gifts and talents for the Lord. Elizabeth is 16, I think (correct me if I'm wrong!) and she's been hand-painting signs and selling them for a couple of years now.

Each one is different, unique, and shall we say: just plain cute!

Take a look at her shop that is brimming full of these darling and affordable signs!

a Taste of Home

Today Grandma is baking a German Chocolate Cake for Grandpa Fred's birthday today. She didn't use a recipe from scratch or from my Great-grandmother's recipe box shown above, but I liked the way the two looked together.

Grandma said that the medal box and all the recipes inside can be mine. Whether that means now or someday, I'm not sure, but it gets me excited to see it packed full of family recipes and secrets. And take a look at the cute medal box! I love it, love it, love it!
And after returning home from being in Indiana for ten days, I did some ironing this morning. "Pressing off" as Grandma calls it, is fun when you use a toile covered ironing board!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Vintage finds in the ceder chest

Ahh... It's good to be unpacked and settled now. Clothes are hung up, things tucked away in a vintage dresser that my mom used as a little girl, the antique lamp that I just adored as a child (you see, you turn it on and off with a vintage looking key that clicks in a very special way). Grandma's home is definitely my home-away-from-home.
This morning we got on the topics of antiques, vintage items (you should see a gorgeous fur jacket that she has! It is "pinked" (did I spell that right?) so it would be of a expensive quality fur. A dear friend of hers gave it to her years ago, and it is in mint condition. Grandma said she wouldn't wear it since nobody wears furs anymore... ), and other fun topics.

She opened up her ceder chest that is at the foot of my bed that is packed full of table linens of embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet, lace. You S&S ladies would go NUTS. =D

We got on the subject of aprons (hmm, how would that happen...) from vintage patterns. And she went back to her closet and brought a bunch of her vintage patterns that she's had that she hasn't wanted to throw out. Of course I commended her for that. =)

She had a story to tell with several. The one below was one she used for my aunt's wedding in the 70's. I was intrigued by how slimming they looked, though the neckline could use a filler.

Grandma disappears again only to bring out the very dress she wore! The dress is made out of a beautiful mint green satin and the jacket out of a gorgeous lightweight dark green velvet. I asked if she used the size indicated on the pattern. And she did.

She let me slip it on, and I was amazed at how well it fit. She was (at the time) an inch or so shorter than me, and was a little bit bustier than I, but overall, it was a good fit. Grandma said that I could have it for recitals if I'd like! Of course I was elated! It may not be "really" vintage only having been made in the 70's, but to have something that my Grandma wore is special to me.

She even pulled out a half a dozen other patterns that she said that I can have! These two were my favorite out of the bunch. Love the dress with a collar that looks sorta 20's inspired, and that gingham smock/apron on the left!

I have a feeling you just may hear more about sewing that I had realized, as I was informed this morning that a lady who goes to Grandma's church is interested in having she or myself teach her daughter how to sew.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An explaination of sorts

As I alluded to the fact a couple months ago, I am now living with my grandmother in the midwest, and will be staying until the holidays.

Unlike a sister of mine who is currently staying out east, who took her sewing machine and serger with her, I kept things simple and only brought my tatting in the way of handicrafts and domestic arts. =)

So if you hear from me during my stay here, it will probably be on topics other than sewing like picking apples in the orchards, practicing violin (my main reason for being here is to study under someone in the area), a few pictures, and the like.

Until next time...

Monday, September 01, 2008

70's Wrap Apron

I think I'm addicted to making and wearing aprons...

I'm probably addicted to rick rack too...

I'll help you get addicted to aprons, by adding it to the shop...
Now aren't I nice? =P =)