Monday, September 22, 2008

The Shop is back open!

Since sewing is not on my agenda while I'm gone , I couldn't stand keeping my shop closed, empty, and forlorn. There has to be something "alive" you know, in the handicraft and creative part of me. So I activated the items again, but since I don't have possession of the items (except for the Musician Tote) you may want to read my shop announcement for shipping details.

Off to keep the musician part of me vibrant and alive by practicing violin... =) It's sort of like sewing, one just can't stay away from it (music)! I'm truly loving it!

1 comment:

YayaOrchid said...

I am so glad you opened up your shop again! Yesterday I was able to snatch up your 1940's apron. It is beautiful! I just couldn't wait for the name contest to be over, so I bought the apron.

I sent you a note on etsy; I hope you know I'd love this apron pattern.