Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wisteria in Vintage Milkglass

After coming back down south yesterday from spring break, I was delightfully surprised at all the wisteria in bloom. It came a week earlier than last year, but then the south has been enjoying wonderful weather in the last few weeks.

I supplied the vase and my roommate picked the purple clusters.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Popping In

In the life of a musician, there can be semesters where midterms stretch into two weeks, with an orchestra concert thrown in the mix. Such as been my life. Not to mention that college in general is an never ending cycle of reading, papers, memorizing, practicing, listening, sleeping, etc, etc. :) This weekend there is a small chance of being able to catch my breath, and maybe, just maybe I'll get to venture out and take a hike in some hills and woods not to far from here.

We've been having such lovely weather here lately, and spring has just arrived here in SC. How do I know? Just yesterday I noticed a thin layer of yellow dust coating my car. Thankfully spring pollen has never bothered me (only wild grasses in the month of June back home; odd, I know) and clusters of yellow are budding in the neighbor's yards with a patch or two of lily-of-the-valley here and there. Down the lane there is a redbud tree that is just starting to bloom.

In the last day or so I've been itching to be in the dirt again, dig up the hardened soil, and water the signs of green life. Or gather nosegays from my rose gardens. To confess, I'll be adding another rose bush somewhere in one of the gardens back home. My favorite source for English roses had a recent sale which was to hard to resist, so I'm having a plant being shipped here for me to look after until I can get it in the ground. While most college students go to the malls to buy clothes or shoes, this odd person splurges on a rose bush. ::winks::