Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow day = Sewing Day

Waking up to a world covered in that beautiful white fluffy stuff, and several inches deep I might add, it is definately enough snow to cause a "snow day." School is closed for the day, which means I have no way of getting in to practice my music. Bummer, I'm having alot of fun these days with my Kreuzter No. 13 etude and Handel sonata!

But that's okay. There are lots of delicious fabrics in my closet just waiting to be made up into something. And actually, I have gotten a few custom-sewing orders too, so I'm putting those at the top of my list before I sew anything more for the shop. But we'll see if I can squeeze an apron or two in this week's projects. Might I also mention that a child's size version of the Margaret apron is on the works? Of course I have no idea what size it will turn out to be, and so I'll have to have a giveaway to find out. ::winks::

Cheerio and have a lovely Monday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Heirlooms

Grandma is doing her spring cleaning, and the other night she handed down two treasures to one very grateful recipient. The pair of scissors were her mother's sewing "shears" as Grandma fondly calls them. They've been back in a storage container, and rather than it still being stored away, Grandma asked if I'd like them.

The other lovely piece is my Great-Great-Great Grandmother's hanky with hand-tatted lace. It was pulled out a number of years ago, and when visiting us several years ago, Grandma had given it to me because of knowing that I did tatting. Somehow it found its way back here, and went missing for several months. Upon cleaning out drawers, it was found and once again placed in my possession.

Isn't it lovely? The fabric itself I think must be that long-desired-for cotton muslin that they used to make decades ago, (oh to have a Regency dress in this gorgeous material!!) unless someone more knowledgeable than I says that it is something else. The embroidery is definitely done by hand, and for years it has baffled me as to how they could getting tatting onto a hankie. "It must be needle tatting" I have thought, but this looks like shuttle tatting to me, and upon close observation, it looks like it was sewn on because of the uneven spacing of the lace. How it was done, I still haven't figured it out. Any ideas?

Though not in the sewing/hand crafts department, Grandma asked if if I would like these juice glasses that she has had in her closed hutch. They were to pretty to pass up!

Another picture looking down into the glass. I like the wheat pattern. Grandma didn't mention how she got them, or how old they are, so I need to ask.

Of course, by the time I get married and will put them to use, they probably will be antique!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Blooming!

I sat next to Grandma's Christmas Cactus all morning as I sewed, and it just begged me to take pictures of it. Someday I'm going to make sure that my home will have a lovely plant such as this, blooming in February!

And something else is blooming in the shop this afternoon... It's confession time: I am addicted to that pattern!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warming the Heart

When snow is swirling around outside, covering everything in sight, a sight for sore eyes, and a smell for a hungry stomach in the morning are these sticky buns that Grandma made for breakfast this morning.

There is nothing like home-made, from scratch, fresh and warm from the oven . . . oh dear, I'm teasing you all aren't I?

Look what I came upon this morning? Somehow it lends to a familiar scene. Perhaps I ought to don a sweater or two, and adventure out... There is something cozy about lamps lit during a snowfall, wouldn't you agree?

Something else adds a cozy, heart-warming touch too, ie, if you like a certain color combination. Have you seen the three yet?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Morning Sunlight

I love morning sunlight on bitterly cold winter days. The warm sunrays make everything beautiful: to having quiet time and coffee, or brightening Grandma's Christmas catus' that is loaded down with buds on the verge of blossoming. Once again, the words of "morning sunlight" inspired a new-something in the shop. =)
And now that morning is quickly fleeting, I have some handwork and sewing that I'd like to work on before lunch, so I'll wish you all a very happy Monday!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lap Full

If my lap isn't full with either one (or sometimes both!) of these sweet little feline friends, my lap is probably full of yarn on these cold winter days.

The other day I picked up some 100% cotton yarn to make a few dishcloths for "someday." Grandma made several last fall, and she inspired me to make some. Underneath the blue are the ones she has done. Aren't they pretty?
She's wondering if I could sell some on etsy, and I told her I could try. What do you think?

Monday, February 01, 2010

a bowl of cherries

The other morning for breakfast, we had cherries to eat.
I was inspired by that bowl of delicious fruit, and made an apron.

Free Storage

Last week Grandpa Fred brought home several storage containers that he found in a dumpster, and I happily received two of them, each containing two drawers.

Back home, we girls share a couple containers similar to this, but I have found that I have needed extra storage for all the vintage rick rack, antique lace, buttons & trims that I keep collecting. Having these will be a wonderful addition to the sewing room back in my parents home, but you can be sure that I will start filling them up here!

As they say, "One man's junk is another man's treasure."