Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warming the Heart

When snow is swirling around outside, covering everything in sight, a sight for sore eyes, and a smell for a hungry stomach in the morning are these sticky buns that Grandma made for breakfast this morning.

There is nothing like home-made, from scratch, fresh and warm from the oven . . . oh dear, I'm teasing you all aren't I?

Look what I came upon this morning? Somehow it lends to a familiar scene. Perhaps I ought to don a sweater or two, and adventure out... There is something cozy about lamps lit during a snowfall, wouldn't you agree?

Something else adds a cozy, heart-warming touch too, ie, if you like a certain color combination. Have you seen the three yet?


Lene said...

OoOOO!!! NARNIA!! The second picture is Narnia!! :D Keep an eye for Mr. Tumnus, will ya? ;)

Samantha said...

Yes!!!!! Please tell Mr Tumnus "Hello" for me!!!!

The dishcloths are lovely Cheri! Knitted and crocheted are the best! I have a least 1 so far, packed away "for later". Keep them coming!

Oh yes....what brand of cotton did you use? The color combos of some of those remind me of Sugar N Cream! One of my favorite kinds of cotton!

Cheri said...

So far Mr. Tumnus hasn't made his appearance, but when he does, I'll be sure to pass on your greetings to him! ::winks::

Thankyou, Samantha. =) It is fun using different combinations of stitches. So far my favorite to use has been two rows of singles, and then a row of half double, two rows of singles, a row of half double, etc. I like the texture that it gives. The brand I'm using is Peaches N Cream, I think.

Sarah Jane said...

I too immediately thought of Narnia! Heehee, how lucky you are to live in such a romantic place! We have an abundance of snow here, but alas, no lampposts. :)

Samantha said...

Peaches and cream is another good one! Actually, my currant project is a victim of that yarn. :P A baby cardigan for a mom to be!

Keep up the good work!

Celine said...