Wednesday, February 01, 2012

To Much of a Good Thing, Starting Today

Sometimes to much of a good thing isn't really all that wonderful.

Like sugar. I confess. I love baking in the kitchen, whipping up a batter full of goodness, planning cookie decorating parties. Over the last couple of years developed a taste for chocolove bars. I've always liked chocolate in things (ice cream, cookies, cakes, frosting's, you name it) but when it comes to a chocolate bar from the store, I'd rather pass. Unless of course, it's chocolove. ;) Obviouly, I try to limit what and how much sugary things I consume, but even still, to much sugar isn't a good thing. That is why for a month I'm going to go off artificial sugars. Just to make me aware of how much I actually intake. Starting today.

Internet is another wonderful too, resource, and help (like Pinterest to categorize all of your favorite things in the forms of pictures!) but to much of it is not wise. A friend once told me something that a friend passed on to her "You know, you don't have to post everything." Sometimes for bloggers, facebook-ers, and any other form of social networkers we need to be reminded every now and again that there is life beyond the screen. There are families to love and cherish, friendships to cultivate, people to reach out to right where we are at that (at least for me!) and it becomes easy to push the truly good things away for the excitement of a new blog post, an updated facebook status, or a new pin on pinterest. That is why I'll be taking a sabbatical from blogging for a little bit. Starting today.

I'll still be sewing up more things in the next couple of weeks (I've got some delectable fabrics that are begging to be made into aprons!) so do pop in the shop every now and then.

Blessings to each and every one!