Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back, but will be out again!
This past weekend I got back from a two-week course of Strings Workshop (besides sewing, I play and teach violin) and while it is good to be back home, Lord willing, our family will be heading out tomorrow for a family trip out to MI. We'll be taking a northern route this time by visiting Mt. Rushmore and then driving through MN and WI to get up to the UP of Michigan where we'll be in Mackinaw for about 5 days and then heading south to visit relatives for a couple days. We'll be touring Greenfield Villiage one weekend if anyone wants to meet us! Just e-mail! =)
Lord willing, Daddy is planning to arrive back home on the 4th of July, so until then, we will not be able to process any orders or ship out catalogs whatsoever. E-mail will be limited (in fact upon coming home, I can't send any out for some odd reason ... hopefully yahoo will have that resolved soon!) so I think we could safely say that you'd more than likely here from us once we are back home.