Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little goodies

It is completely ridiculous how much I have sewed this past month. Yes, I am tallying up everything and the number is staggering. =P =) I have some projects on my table, but rather than boring you all with details of those now, I thought that perhaps I'd give you a few links to check out this week!

  • The first one is a tutorial on how you can make your own teired skirt! I can hardly wait to make one up for myself out of some stashed fabric. =) Click here to see Shannon's post! Knowing Shannon through the S&S sewing board, she sews up lots of lovely things, so be sure to take a minute or two to see her other sewing projects, also.
  • Feel like making paper crafts? Check out these cute paper topiarys that can be made using all sorts of colored paper, but I must say that I love the Valentines colors!
  • I found a couple patterns up on ebay that I already have, but that some of you might enjoy!

...the "necktie" apron here

...the "bungalow" apron here

...a bed jacket pattern here (by the way, I have a jacket listed that was made from this pattern)

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Regency-inspired nightgown

This nightgown was made with the inspiration from some nightgowns I've seen on Jane Austen films ... Marianne's nightgown in Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson version w/ Kate Winslet) and one of Cathy's "dream" gowns from the new Northanger Abbey.

For my fabric, I used thrifted white cotton sheets of mine that were going to be thrown out because of some holes (that my persian cat left when using her back claws) but last summer I insisted on keeping the sheets with hopes of making some kind of nightgown later on. Why save them? The cotton fabric is THE most softest I have ever felt, and I love the way it feels up against my skin. =) And besides, I was able to avoid all holes save one very small one!

Using the Elegant Ladies Closet "Crossover Gown" pattern as my base, I cut off the needed amount in front to where it wouldn't cross over or be overly "blousey." For the back, I used a muslin tester that was sewn with the two back pieces, and just made the back bodice without the princess-seams. Oh, and I added/deducted an inch from the shoulder seams to bring the gathered shoulder closer towards the front.

I wanted to be careful that the neckline wasn't as low as my inspirations, but not to high to look weird, but it came out just right. I added just a few gathers in the front "V" area, and added some trim to that, and the empire waistline. I also gathered the front instead of doing the pleats. In order to get it on and over me, I had to make it quite roomy, and then add soft-stretch elastic to the waist.

It looks MUCH better on me, and far more like the nightgowns on the films than it does on Arabella, but this picture gives you an idea of what it looks like:

The sleeves, which did not come from either inspirations, were done on a bias and I added 12" more to the hem sides of sleeves to make them in a "bell" shape (I wasn't able to capture a good picture, unless the gown was on yours truly). The hem of both skirts together is as wide as a two top sheets, (since I used one hseet, cut it in half, and wala - my skirts!) so you can imagine that my skirts are very full, but yet feel very light and airy. It did help by narrowing the top part of the skirt and then flared it out. Otherwise, I'd look like a hot-air balloon in it! =D

Ahhh, just perfect...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More things up in the shop!

I have been quietly sewing in the past week, and with losing a violin student for a little while, I am listing up a bunch more this evening...

  • a Regency Day Dress
  • 1870's-1880's Morning Wrapper (price severely reduced)
  • a 1940's Bed Jacket
  • a 1940's Hostess Apron
  • two 1930's aprons
  • Vintage patterns
  • Fabric

Click here to see everything

Monday, January 21, 2008

Vintage Pattern Addiction

LOL, all these things came to my mind the other day and thought I'd post them here. Does anyone else want to add to the list? =)

You know you're addicted to vintage patterns when...
...You are watching over 20 patterns on ebay
...You start seeing friends/sewing friends get into the spirit of collecting vintage finds
...You easily recognize other vintage pattern buyers on ebay, and know that they are tough to beat
...Your container of patterns is overflowing and you keep having to get a larger box/bin
...You can easily work with unprinted patterns
...Wearing clothing from out-dated era's is normal "everyday life"
...Your sewing blog gets taken over by vintage/historical patterns and clothing
...You've paid over $30 for a vintage pattern, and spending $10 for one is normal (Want to see a listing that went for $65? I didn't bid on it, but I found one of the patterns to be very cute)
...The first thing you look for at a thrift store would be vintage patterns

This is the pattern that I spent over $30 on. Yes, I liked it THAT much! =) And you don't need to see if you can find out through my ebay feedback (which numeric score is now over 100! Yay!) because it was one of the first vintage patterns I bought. Sorry to burst your bubble. ::grins::

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"A few of my favorite things.."

Isn't it funny how we're all so different? As I was browsing e-bay for some apron patterns, it made me smile since that is what I usually search for when I'm on there. But with Erin, if she can get her hands on a new/different nightgown pattern she'll snatch it up! =)

Just this week I have found a few vintage 30's/40's patterns to try out, and Erin saw a few nightgown patterns she wanted, so we girls are anxiously awaiting for the mailman to deliver our patterns. ...So much for getting my table cleared off! (I should get a picture of it empty, before it is covered in fabric piles)

So, what is your "favorite" thing to sew? =)
And how can I forget my other favorite thing to sew? Peasant shirts , and I can hardly wait to make some new ones for this year, soon! Which brings me to ask, do any of you ladies know of any 70's-ish style shirt patterns that don't look like maternity shirts? =P
Aprons and peasant shirts ... they always make me smile. =)
EDITED TO ADD: There is a pattern up on ebay that is just like the one pictured above. It is here for anyone interested. It is a darling pattern, and I finished one yesterday using that pattern. =)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Our winner is....

... Amber D. M!!!

Thanks to, and out of 70+ entries (this giveaway comes in 2nd to having the most participants!) only one number was chosen.

Amber, if you wouldn't mind e-mailing me your address and which tote bag you'd like, I will get that sent off in the mail today, Lord willing. =)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Aprons and a Cookbook

The two, aprons and a cookbook, go perfectly together in my opinion. Just the other night I bought some 1930's fabric (just reproduction fabric, or so it looks like it) to make myself a new apron since my pink one is starting to wear out after having it for two years. Yes, I do wear aprons quite a bit. =) If you saw our closet in the laundry room which, ::cough:: some of you have, you'd probably say, "And you need another apron?" LOL! Actually several of mine are getting worn, so sooner or later, I'll have to say goodbye to some.

Lately on ebay I've been searching for some more patterns, of all various styles and era's and I came across one that I already have and thought that if any of you were seriously interested in it, you might like to know that there is one up there just like it.

And as far as a good cookbook, I'd like to recommend to you this e-cookbook that can be instantly downloaded! A friend of mine put this together awhile as a fund raiser, whose mother has been battling cancer. Lately she and her family has been on my heart, and well, I just wanted to mention it here in case some of you would enjoy a new cookbook, and donate some funds to help out another sister in Christ!
Click here for more information and to download it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tote Bag Giveaway!

After some set backs and interruptions, I finally finished the last tote bag. Making these were so much fun! For my pattern, I used McCall's 3136. I was looking for a pattern that would work for carrying library loans, a few items from the farmers market, or just anything that I could use rather than hanging up with no purpose.

All but one bag were made completely from my "stash pile" since it only requires 3/4 of a yard (double that if you want the same fabric for lining) From left to right, a brown embroidered twill, a white twill, and a slate blue linen:

I made them all with various sized pockets:

one to hold a card, (the library card perhaps?)

one to hold a cellphone,

and one to hold... whatever you can think of!

And they all have different embellishments too:
*Yo-yo's and vintage buttons

*Yo-yo's (two the same size, and a larger one in the middle) with vintage buttons

One single tatted motif with a vintage button
*I saw Anna's plate of yo-yo's and found them to be so adorable! And they are so fun to make too! Here is the pattern for them: How to Make a Yo-Yo.
And so now, since I don't possibly need three bags, I have decided to give one of them away. The scoop is though, all you have to do to enter, is leave a comment with your name (first name and last initial, please) and say which one you'd like!
You can be entered twice, by posting a link over to this post from your blog, and then leave a second comment (please leave your blog address too)!
I will choose a winner Monday morning, and will post the winner shortly thereafter.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Going up in the shop

Well ladies, I have gotten into a deep cleaning mode (Erin shouts, "Hurray!") and I am listing a bunch of stuff up on ebay:

the Regency Spencer (yes, I decided to sell it since I have no reason to keep it other than liking it alot...), a 1909 Edwardian Trained Skirt, a REAL 1870's clothing piece (as much as I despise the "real" Victorian era, this piece is lovely...) , patterns, fabric, etc....

Click here to see everything.

Tote bags!

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I sense a new addiction growing. . . =)
After seeing some inspiring tote bags made by some ladies on the S&S board, I decided to try making one. I LOVED it so much that I made another one shortly after the first, and will start on my third one soon. =) Stay tuned more more detailed pictures as the one I took was majorly edited with a new program my younger sister downloaded (it's dark and overcast today giving me poor lighting, and so I'll wait for the clouds to go away, since I dislike taking time to edit pictures) .

Friday, January 04, 2008

This one is a keeper!

Isn't it just like the Lord to change my plans, but change them for the good? Due to some very sore wrists (caused from my part time job) I wasn't able to finish up my sewing like what I had wanted this week. But I was able to do a few "quiet" things that didn't require wrist motion, and it was just the rest I needed. =)

Thankfully this afternoon they were better enough to finish the Regency spencer jacket that I have been working on. The results were very pleasing. Enough for me to not sell it on ebay. =)

I made it with green velvet lined with black linen. I was going to use silk lining in the sleeves for easy on/off wear, but then I figured it wasn't really needed since the wrong side of the velvet was smooth.

I used two clasp closures in front

It sort of looks odd on Arabella being made in my size and not a 6/8 like the dress form and Regency gown is set to, but it gives you the basic idea of what it looks like. =)

These were the vintage buttons that I was going to use for the sleeve bands, but they are 3/4" in size, and with 1" sleeve bands, I came to the conclusion that I'll go back to my trusty antique store to get some smaller ones.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"But did you stop breathing?"

The title for today's post came from my youngest brother who became full of questions after overhearing a conversation with my mother about some back pain I've experienced along with restless sleep because of it. "But, what does it have to do with a sewing blog?" you all are probably wondering! I am going to ask all of you, to make sure that you all dear readers keep breathing when I mention that...

I will be going on a "sewing sabbatical" within a week or so.

Still breathing? You didn't faint did you? =) LOL, yes it is true. Combined with my back pain, probably taking work off (I do work part time for a Christian family who runs a small grocery) and spending more time with musical pursuits out of town, that will be for several weeks.

Right now my table only holds a few projects that won't take me long to finish up, and then I won't have anything left to sew! I do have other fabrics, but so far, no planned projects for them. But no worries, I'll still be around - though probably less often - to post sewing/crafts/feminine related things.

Just this evening I listed another Regency gown: a silk ballgown and am determined to finish up the Regency spencer jacket that has been cut out for a long time, as well as a brown twill Edwardian trained walking skirt. They will be listed on ebay in a day or two, so stay tuned!


And a huge thanks to all of you who commented in the last post! You all surely know how to make someone smile! =) It is always a blessing to "meet" readers.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

National De-Lurking Day!

Happy New Years everyone! So you don't have to ask, =) yes I was up late last night but lying bed so once the clock stuck 12:00, I could fall asleep. Actually I was up praying and reading my Bible when 2007 became 2008.

Last night I came up with the brilliant idea of making today the sewing blog's De-lurking Day! =) I always love hearing from readers, old friends, new friends, and first-time vistor's/commenter's. So if could persuade you, can you introduce yourself? =) You can make it brief, "Hi my name is ____" or a long intro! If it would help, I will do so myself:

My name is Cheri (pronounced share-e) and I am a 23 year old 2nd born who continues to live at home with my parents and 6 siblings. I love sewing (can't you tell?) and also love playing violin, and well...I love a bunch of things! =)

EDIT: Hmm, this may have to be turned into a De-Lurking week. LOL! I promise I don't bite, and it would very much brighten my day to hear from readers! From past "de-lurking days" I had a nice assortment of readers from mothers, to young women, to even some of the girls' brothers!