Friday, January 11, 2008

Aprons and a Cookbook

The two, aprons and a cookbook, go perfectly together in my opinion. Just the other night I bought some 1930's fabric (just reproduction fabric, or so it looks like it) to make myself a new apron since my pink one is starting to wear out after having it for two years. Yes, I do wear aprons quite a bit. =) If you saw our closet in the laundry room which, ::cough:: some of you have, you'd probably say, "And you need another apron?" LOL! Actually several of mine are getting worn, so sooner or later, I'll have to say goodbye to some.

Lately on ebay I've been searching for some more patterns, of all various styles and era's and I came across one that I already have and thought that if any of you were seriously interested in it, you might like to know that there is one up there just like it.

And as far as a good cookbook, I'd like to recommend to you this e-cookbook that can be instantly downloaded! A friend of mine put this together awhile as a fund raiser, whose mother has been battling cancer. Lately she and her family has been on my heart, and well, I just wanted to mention it here in case some of you would enjoy a new cookbook, and donate some funds to help out another sister in Christ!
Click here for more information and to download it!


Rachel said...

Well, Cheri, I think you've discovered THE way to de-lurk your blog...have a giveaway. :) Thanks for the work you put into all of this!

Cheri said...

LOL, I thought of that last night!

I may be concocting another giveaway sometime soon. No promises though... =)