Monday, January 21, 2008

Vintage Pattern Addiction

LOL, all these things came to my mind the other day and thought I'd post them here. Does anyone else want to add to the list? =)

You know you're addicted to vintage patterns when...
...You are watching over 20 patterns on ebay
...You start seeing friends/sewing friends get into the spirit of collecting vintage finds
...You easily recognize other vintage pattern buyers on ebay, and know that they are tough to beat
...Your container of patterns is overflowing and you keep having to get a larger box/bin
...You can easily work with unprinted patterns
...Wearing clothing from out-dated era's is normal "everyday life"
...Your sewing blog gets taken over by vintage/historical patterns and clothing
...You've paid over $30 for a vintage pattern, and spending $10 for one is normal (Want to see a listing that went for $65? I didn't bid on it, but I found one of the patterns to be very cute)
...The first thing you look for at a thrift store would be vintage patterns

This is the pattern that I spent over $30 on. Yes, I liked it THAT much! =) And you don't need to see if you can find out through my ebay feedback (which numeric score is now over 100! Yay!) because it was one of the first vintage patterns I bought. Sorry to burst your bubble. ::grins::


Rachel said...

That is funny. :) I'm not addicted, though I think I qualify as one of those friends who has started to show interest...

Have you made anything with that pattern yet? What time period is it from?

Cheri said...

LOL, and it is probably ridculous too. =P For the record I don't plan on buying the 20 patterns I'm watching! With my violin student deserting me this month, I can't afford to buy anymore...

Watch out. I was not at all interested in vintage patterns, but somehow (hmm, maybe my friends from the S&S board has had an influenece on me...) I slowly got intriqued. There are some eras which I personally don't like ... most of 1950's and definatetly 1960's, oh and further back, the 1870's - 1880's too.)

Yes, I made a dress quite some time ago using that pattern, and sold it on ebay for about the same price as I paid for the pattern. It made me feel better that it "paid for itself." ::wink:: It dates from the 1940's.

swedish_maided said...

I was watching that one! But didn't bid on it since Sharyl said she didn't like it...and I wanted to make it for her. I'm glad you ended up with it! :)

Cheri said...

Oh really? =) It reminded me SO much of the dresses worn on "The Waltons" and I really liked it too.

Actually, I have a dress cut out in that pattern, and hope to make it up soon!

Have you found any more vintage finds that you like? I'd be happy to share some links with you if you want. =)

Cheri said...

BTW Fauna, for the record, feel free to big against me if you want something. =) Since you're a friend, I wouldn't get upset like I do with some bidders. ::grins::

You need to get some sort of an account so you can read my private journal! =)

Cheri said...

Oops, that was supposed to say BID!