Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"A few of my favorite things.."

Isn't it funny how we're all so different? As I was browsing e-bay for some apron patterns, it made me smile since that is what I usually search for when I'm on there. But with Erin, if she can get her hands on a new/different nightgown pattern she'll snatch it up! =)

Just this week I have found a few vintage 30's/40's patterns to try out, and Erin saw a few nightgown patterns she wanted, so we girls are anxiously awaiting for the mailman to deliver our patterns. ...So much for getting my table cleared off! (I should get a picture of it empty, before it is covered in fabric piles)

So, what is your "favorite" thing to sew? =)
And how can I forget my other favorite thing to sew? Peasant shirts , and I can hardly wait to make some new ones for this year, soon! Which brings me to ask, do any of you ladies know of any 70's-ish style shirt patterns that don't look like maternity shirts? =P
Aprons and peasant shirts ... they always make me smile. =)
EDITED TO ADD: There is a pattern up on ebay that is just like the one pictured above. It is here for anyone interested. It is a darling pattern, and I finished one yesterday using that pattern. =)


Leah said...

I sew pretty much anything that I need to sew, and that's about it. :D *grins* So I'm not really sure what my favorite thing to sew is. :P

I want to make a peasant shirt or two for this spring and summer for something new. :)

Cheri said...

At least you CAN sew though! Some people have never been taught how. =)

Katie said...

I love sewing skirts and baby quilts! I recently made a peasant shirt for the first time and had a lot of fun with that as well. You inspired me! :_)

neuropoet3 said...

I love the look of these aprons! :) Which brings up that touchy point - can you have too many aprons? :)


Cheri said...

Hi Jenny! Thankyou; I am making one up now, from the posted pattern. =) I just have to apply the rick-rack and I'll be just about done with it.

LOL, I do believe it is possible to have to many aprons, although I don't like to admit it. ::wink::

sarah m said...

I enjoy sewing baby quilts! I am known (I don't know how it got started) at church for making blankets, or "quilts" for all the new babies. I also love sewing colonial costumes.

Erin said...

Little baby dresses! They are so sweet and cute - and they are finnished quickly which I love.

Oh and bags, I just discovered how to make them and so far have made about 5 :)!

Cheri said...

Sarah, that is so sweet of you to bless mothers and new babies in your church!

Erin, which tote bag pattern(s) do you enjoy working with? Not that I need any more, but it is always fun to get different ideas. =)

Kyna (aka RetroGirl) said...

Oh, I love that pattern! My sister is also oohing and aahing over it. ^_^

I enjoy sewing just about anything, don't particularly have a favorite right now.


Fauna said...

You're inspiring me, Cheri! I'm thinking about doing some "fun" sewing. :) I don't think I've made many things just for fun...at least not when it comes to sewing. I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

Cheri said...

Kyna, if you say my edit in the post, there is another pattern up on ebay just like mine. =)

Fauna, I'm glad this post was some inspiration! Did you get your package? =)