Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pleasant Peasantry

I must have 5 shirts of out of my Peasant Shirt pattern (that I made off of a thrift store find) and this one I have made for the autumn weather. That is, whenever we get the autumn weather that decides to stay.
I think I could wear it with brown corduroy for a casual look, or with a tan linen skirt for a dressier occasion. To celebrate the first day of fall tomorrow, I considered wearing it until I found out that it is supposed be close to 80 degrees, so it might have to wait until Monday when the forecast shows a high of 59. =) We'll see ... you never quite know when you live near the mountains!

Lord willing, I probably won't be posting much in the next week or so as I have been in the sewing room this week more than I should have. Just thought I'd give you all a little heads up.


Leah said...

Lovely, dearie! It looks totally like you. :)

--Your sista'

Pioneer Homemaker said...

Love the top! And your blog I linked to it from Tammy's Recipes and have been reading thru it. It is inspiring me to get my sewing machine out and sew. I would love to have your skill of sewing and hope some day I have the patience to get there. I did teach myself and have done pretty good at sewing items for myself and kiddos over the years. I am curious as to how old you are I am interested in letting my DD read your blog she is 13 and needs role models and your site keeps that idea popping in my head alot. Moms can do so much to guide their daughters but sometimes others make giant impacts and I want these impacts to be great ones not disasters. She wants to learn to sew... Keep it up and Ashley and I will be gleaning many things from you!

Pioneer Homemaker said...

Oh P.S. Another comment I would love to sew this top for myself by any chance do you have a pattern to sell or do you know of one that is similiar to yours somewhere on the net?

Rachel said...

Like it, Cheri. I would enjoy seeing it tomorrow, if the weather will cooperate... I've been thinking of making some 3/4 sleeved peasant shirts. Have you ever tried 3/4 with elastic in the sleeves?

Courtney said...

My Mom found your blog a few days ago.... thanks so much for the lovely writings and beautiful pictures! I had a few moments, and I was reading through your archives.

Also, do you use a specific book to teach violin or did you create your own materials? I am teaching myself how to play, but I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a good book. I am currently using the Mel Bay DVD teaching book, and I think it is going well... I just wanted to step it up a notch.



Ana Marie said...

That's such a pretty blouse, Cheri!

Cheri said...

Erika, I'm glad the blog has been an inspiration for you! =) I know I always appreciate new insights and ideas with sewing! As far as patterns, you may be able to find one similar by searching through Simplicity or McCall's. Simplicity had one (it is out of print) that you may be able to find on ebay. The number is 9178. Oh, and I am 23. =)

Thankyou, Rachel. =) No, I haven't thought of putting in elastic for 3/4 sleeves. That is a great idea! The Malones made some with drawstrings, but I probably wouldn't be cordinated enough to tie mine. =D I loved the way they looked though! We ought to make matching shirts sometime. =)

Courtney, thanks for stopping by to drop a note! I always enjoy hearing from readers. =) No, when I first start out my students, I don't use any books whatsoever. Their first lesson consists of setting them up properly with a good chinrest and/or shoulder rest. Because the Lord didn't make everybody alike, I find that everbody's "set up" will vary. I also teach them how to hold a bow naturally, ie. how God unqiuely made their hand, and not a "certain way" how many will teach. I also will work with the left hand that it will "work" naturally with no squeezing between the thumb & index finger. And as our fingers naturally drop in the palm of the hand (think "baby claps") so must our fingers drop on the fingerboard with no pressing or pushing. So many people develop tension because of learning the wrong way, but in reality, violin should be very easy. Anyway, there is so much that I could share, but I'm afraid here on blogger just doesn't do justice. One resource that I think you may benefit from would be:

Pioneer Homemaker said...

I did find one or 2 last night (patterns that is) And my daughter and I read thru your site last night together she loved the aprons! So I think that is something she will want to sew soon since she wears mine right now! Thanks for you reply I will start hunting that pattern # down. Erika

courtney said...

Thank you so much!

I will check out the website as soon as I sit down to practice. I appreciate the advice..... thanks again!

I have added you to my blogroll at:

I love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful things that you sew! I think I may try to make a peasant shirt pattern sometime soon because these are so cute!!


RetroGirl said...

Very pretty! I bought that exact fabric last week when Joanns was clearancing their clearance fabric. :D

I think I am going to use the wrong side though, I prefer the subtler colors. :)