Friday, September 21, 2007

We have a winner!

Wow, for this giveaway, we had 88 entries! But alas, we can only have one winner since we only have one apron to give away.

After doing a random (Thanks to drawing, our winner is: Chrissy Hall!

As to several questions I received, here are my replies:

Where can I find apron patterns in girls sizes?
Well the first website that came to mind was Crystal's site, Biblical Womanhood as I know she carries some apron patterns for girls. Modest Sewing Patterns, would also have a pattern or two of aprons for girls. Does anyone else want to add to the list?

What pattern did you use?
I actually have a copy of a 1930/1940 apron pattern that my friend Amber sent to me. After seeing her apron, I begged her for the pattern. =) I can't say for sure, but if perhaps she had enough requests, she'd consider reproducing the pattern for sale.


Becca said...

That apron is SO cute! I wish I would have checked your blog sooner, so I could have entered too!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...


What a beautiful apron~

Anonymous said...

I would love to have that pattern!! Do you make aprons to sale?? I would love to buy one from you!!!


Cheri said...

Thanks for your interest, Alexandrea. =) I may consider making more and selling them if I knew there would be enough interest.

Laura Stanberry said...

Oh I love this apron. I love to wear aprons while doing housework and cooking. I wish I could sew because this would be a great addition to my collection