Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little goodies

It is completely ridiculous how much I have sewed this past month. Yes, I am tallying up everything and the number is staggering. =P =) I have some projects on my table, but rather than boring you all with details of those now, I thought that perhaps I'd give you a few links to check out this week!

  • The first one is a tutorial on how you can make your own teired skirt! I can hardly wait to make one up for myself out of some stashed fabric. =) Click here to see Shannon's post! Knowing Shannon through the S&S sewing board, she sews up lots of lovely things, so be sure to take a minute or two to see her other sewing projects, also.
  • Feel like making paper crafts? Check out these cute paper topiarys that can be made using all sorts of colored paper, but I must say that I love the Valentines colors!
  • I found a couple patterns up on ebay that I already have, but that some of you might enjoy!

...the "necktie" apron here

...the "bungalow" apron here

...a bed jacket pattern here (by the way, I have a jacket listed that was made from this pattern)


Rachel said...

I, too, have done a ton of sewing already this year. I'm thinking I will keep a list of the projects I complete (in addition to my list of the books I read... :) just for the fun of it.

Cheri said...

Ah, thats makes me feel so much better, although I still feel quite guilty. ::wink::

Once I finish a peasant shirt, I hope to not sew a thing for weeks! I don't have much inspiration to sew right now anyway ... which is a very good thing, LOL! =)

Anonymous said...

I love your website. Such a breath of fresh air to find like-minded ladies.
Have you heard of an instructional DVD entitled "Couture Techniques"? I ordered it from It just came in the mail a few days ago, but I'm really excited about some of the techniques that are introduced.

Cheri said...

Thankyou, I'm glad it is an inspiration! How did you find out about my blog, if you don't mind my asking? =)

No, I haven't heard of that DVD. I'll have to look it up.