Friday, February 01, 2008

They are now released!!!

Though this has nothing to do with sewing projects, it is a project that we are excited about! Erin's second harp recording is now available for ordering. The CD's are on the way to the house, and we all are anticipating the UPS driver to drop off 1,000 CD's next week. =)

If any of you are interested, she has more info on her website for this new recording, as well as a sound clip that was JUST put up there as of a minute ago ... it's one of my favorites too. =)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful CD! I would love to hear the clips... I'll be sure to stop by and listen. IF only I had the money to buy her CD!!


Andrea said...

Oh! I was just thinking about her cd today and wondering when it was going to be released!

Rachel said...

Congratulations to Erin! I'll look forward to hearing more of the CD.

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Sounds very exciting!

I keep trying to access her website, and it says that her bandwith is reached and cannot be accessed.... So anyway, I'll keep checking in to see when I can listen to the sound clip!!

Thanks :)

Cheri said...

Lady Ruth Ann,

Yes, we had noticed this too, and we have contacted our host server about it, and so it should hopefully be fixed soon!