Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"But did you stop breathing?"

The title for today's post came from my youngest brother who became full of questions after overhearing a conversation with my mother about some back pain I've experienced along with restless sleep because of it. "But, what does it have to do with a sewing blog?" you all are probably wondering! I am going to ask all of you, to make sure that you all dear readers keep breathing when I mention that...

I will be going on a "sewing sabbatical" within a week or so.

Still breathing? You didn't faint did you? =) LOL, yes it is true. Combined with my back pain, probably taking work off (I do work part time for a Christian family who runs a small grocery) and spending more time with musical pursuits out of town, that will be for several weeks.

Right now my table only holds a few projects that won't take me long to finish up, and then I won't have anything left to sew! I do have other fabrics, but so far, no planned projects for them. But no worries, I'll still be around - though probably less often - to post sewing/crafts/feminine related things.

Just this evening I listed another Regency gown: a silk ballgown and am determined to finish up the Regency spencer jacket that has been cut out for a long time, as well as a brown twill Edwardian trained walking skirt. They will be listed on ebay in a day or two, so stay tuned!


And a huge thanks to all of you who commented in the last post! You all surely know how to make someone smile! =) It is always a blessing to "meet" readers.

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