Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow day = Sewing Day

Waking up to a world covered in that beautiful white fluffy stuff, and several inches deep I might add, it is definately enough snow to cause a "snow day." School is closed for the day, which means I have no way of getting in to practice my music. Bummer, I'm having alot of fun these days with my Kreuzter No. 13 etude and Handel sonata!

But that's okay. There are lots of delicious fabrics in my closet just waiting to be made up into something. And actually, I have gotten a few custom-sewing orders too, so I'm putting those at the top of my list before I sew anything more for the shop. But we'll see if I can squeeze an apron or two in this week's projects. Might I also mention that a child's size version of the Margaret apron is on the works? Of course I have no idea what size it will turn out to be, and so I'll have to have a giveaway to find out. ::winks::

Cheerio and have a lovely Monday!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the custom orders. Enjoy your snow/sew day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! We had a bit of a snow day yesterday :)

Samantha said...

Hope you have fun sewing! I think a childs size Margaret apron would be sooooo cute!!!!!! I can't wait to see it! I have 5 younger sisters (only one is 15. I don't think the childs size would fit her! LOL) that LOVE aprons!

Lene said...

Snow day = sewing day? Sounds good...I hoped to make "snowed in day" into "sell many items on Etsy day", but so far no luck... Nuts :P

I hope you'll be able to make a custom order for me sometime =)