Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Marci Apron

Here she is! Yesterday between errands and laundry, I got busy and pulled out my tracing paper, pencil, and scissors. With a vintage child's apron and the Margaret apron as my guides, "Marci" was born.

I named her Marci for a two-fold reason: one to hopefully help keep it in connection with the adult sized (Margaret & Marci, Gracie & Molly Grace ... yes, someday I'll need to make up a smaller version of the 1930's Ginnie) and secondly after a friend of mine whose name is Marci. She is an avid seamstress who sews just about everything under the sun, I would imagine!

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for a giveaway of this child's sized apron, but if you find that you or your daughter/sister/granddaughter can't wait for that, the very first is up in the SHOP!


Samantha said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Totally staying tuned for your giveaway! :D :D :D

Marci said...

Love the new pattern! Very cute! And you are so kind! Thank you so much for the kind words and advertisement. Our computer has 'died' and my only time is on Steve's laptop after he gets home from work (and that comes without my address book). As soon as our son gets the new one built, I'll have to get some of the new things posted. Missing you but know you are where you need to be for now.