Friday, September 19, 2008

a Taste of Home

Today Grandma is baking a German Chocolate Cake for Grandpa Fred's birthday today. She didn't use a recipe from scratch or from my Great-grandmother's recipe box shown above, but I liked the way the two looked together.

Grandma said that the medal box and all the recipes inside can be mine. Whether that means now or someday, I'm not sure, but it gets me excited to see it packed full of family recipes and secrets. And take a look at the cute medal box! I love it, love it, love it!
And after returning home from being in Indiana for ten days, I did some ironing this morning. "Pressing off" as Grandma calls it, is fun when you use a toile covered ironing board!


Laura said...

Really cute box! I just love that font -- so retro.

Laura said...

Whoops, that was me! I recently made a new gmail account and it created a new identity for me automatically. Sheesh!

Cheri said...

It is isn't it? =) I've looked for some on ebay and etsy, the vintage medal recipe boxes that is, and there are some nice ones, but this one I think would be my favorite. Of course I may be biased with it being "in the family."

BTW, it was good to hear from you, Laura! I've been having fun reading your blog and all the wedding prep you're doing. =)

Rachel said...

"Pressing off" --that's cute. It's fun to spend time with one's grandmother, is it not? I actually just saw my grandma's wedding pictures for the first time last year. So lovely--her dress was beautiful!!