Friday, August 22, 2008

1904 Girls Edwardian Tea Dress

I often keep my eye out for the American Girl dress patterns on ebay, and for the first time, I finally won one for a pretty good price. I'll still be searching for "Felicity" or "Kirsten" ones, but to get a "Samantha" one was fun.

So this week I dug out some tropical breeze fabric that was left over from my modest apparel business, made a few alterations, and finished it last night!

I want to make a green sash or get a green ribbon for the waist (rather than having a v'd belt as the pattern requires) but all I have currently is a piece of black ribbon, so for the pictures, I put it around the waist.
I even thought it would be lovely with an antique battenburg lace collar that I bought off of ebay years ago. The dress reminds me of something worn on Anne of Green Gables or the Road to Avonlea series. =)

So unless a reader absolutely has to have it, I am going to tuck it away for my own little girl someday if the Lord chooses to bless me with children. Yes, it may look very 80's style, but who knows by the time it's worn, perhaps the 80's style will be "in"! Regardless of styles and current fashions though, I just adore old-fashioned little girls clothing!


Sarah Jane said...

I didn't know there were such things as American Girl patterns!! I would have LOVED to have had a dress like Felicity's when I was younger. The dress you made is gorgeous; you future daughter will be so lucky to have such a great seamstress for a mama!

Cheri said...

I didn't either until a few years back. =) And I have even seen fabric (only rarely though, and very expensive as in over $100 for maybe 5 yards or so) that matches the doll dresses, if you can believe it!

Shannon said...

I used to drool over the girl-sized dresses in the American Girls catalog -- how wonderful that they did patterns!

The dress is lovely, and I agree with Sarah Jane that if the Lord blesses you with daughters, they will be very lucky indeed!

Yours in Christ,

Cheri said...

I am very blessed to own a few girl-sized Kirsten things that I am also saving for my own daughters someday; the school dress and petticoat & bloomers, the winter wool skirt and sweater. I cringe now to think that I had the "Kirsten Saves the Day" blue stripe dress and either damaged it somehow or out grew it, gave it to the thrift store.

If you'd ever want to borrow the pattern, just let me know. =)

Ana Smith said...

Very cute! One of my grandmother's friends, who was an excellent seamstress made me a Samantha dress, w/matching doll dress (I had Kirsten), when I was 8. Needless to say, it was one of my favorite dress-up costumes.

Carrie Coleman said...

Oh my goodness I've looked everywhere for samanthas pattern. If it is ever possible that I could buy a copy of the pattern from you that would be wonderful!!! My daughter adores samantha.

Cheri said...


I believe I sold that pattern quite a while back. Once in a blue moon you can find them on ebay, and they often go for a high price. I believe I saw a Kristen one go for around $140 once.