Monday, August 18, 2008

::grins:: Just one more tote bag

Okay, I promise that this is the last tote bag you'll see for awhile. =) I was inspired to make a "Musician's Tote Bag" for my friend, who will also be my violin teacher while I'm in MI.

Using brown corduroy and some more Heather Bailey fabrics, here is what it looks like:

It has the same button & ribbon closure, and instead of using vintage rick-rack on this one, I used a band of some left over fabric from my tote:

Up close detail

Sure hope she doesn't mind jelly beans. The inside is lined with jelly bean fabric! Maybe it will make her smile as it does me.


Sarah Jane said...

I love it! It's beatiful and the jelly bean fabric is too cute. :)

Cheri said...

Thanks, Sarah!