Monday, February 25, 2008

Regency Rambles

If I would write down all that I was wanting to sew, I would probably keep busy for the next year or so if I sewed everyday, all day. =)

Right now, I am wanting to make a Regency half-robe (anybody know the real term?) that was worn over a dress when outside. It looks something like this:

I would like to make one as close to looking like the peach one, one as much as I can. What I will wear it for, I have no idea. But for some reason, I feel like dressing up "Regency style." =) I love so many of the gowns that Marianne wears on the 1995 version of Sense & Sensibility... ::sighs:: I have seen the new S&S, and though I like it alot, I still prefer the older one.
Anyway, thanks to an obliging sweet lady from the sewing board, I've been given directions on how to make one of these! She made one for herself after one like what Jane wears on the 2005 P&P. You can see Anna's lovely duplicate here.
...Oh, and I wanted to add... If anyone is interested, someone is selling a silk Regency gown that I made. It appears that the lady bought it for just a "one-time" event. Can you imagine?! Anyway, if you're curious, the link is here.


Clare said...

If you get around to sewing it, I hope you'll share pictures!

I too love Marianne's wardrobe. I think it's partly because they're just beautiful in themselves, and partly because Kate Winslet pulls them off so well.

I haven't yet seen the new S&S, but I can't imagine myself liking it more than the Emma Thompson version. That version is just lovely, from the costumes, to the acting, to the cinematography... and Patrick Doyle's gorgeous score.

Cheri said...

I totally agree with you, Clare! =)

And yes, I will be sure to post pictures once I sew it up! =)

Paula said...

Hi Cheri,

I love the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility. I have not seen the new one, but I am inclined to agree with Clare, I could not imagine liking it more.

Marianne's wardrobe was so beautiful. I would love to dress like that everyday! I can hardly wait to see how your "half-robe" turns out! I know you will do a beautiful job sewing it!

neuropoet3 said...

I, too, love this version of S&S - I didn't even know there was a newer one out - but I can't imagine liking it better than this one. I would love to dress like Marianne too :) - though I'm probably a bit too old now to pull it off... Miss Dashwood's dresses would probably be more appropriate! :)


Sarah Jane Meister said...

How extremely lovely! I believe Janet Arnold terms this garment just a "robe"; there is one very similar to it in POF 1. She says "At the end of the 18th century the robe was worn for day and evening occasions but by c. 1803 it was used for evening wear only. The robe was always trained and showed the skirt of the round gown at the front, which was often embroidered. The neckline would have been filled in either with a neckercheif or by the bodice of the round gown for day wear. This dress could have been worn over short stays and a small bustle pad although both were frequently discarded by this date."

Anyway, this is something I've been wanting to make but I've been scared to try the Arnold pattern because the back is cut in one with the skirt. I like your projected version better! Am looking forward to seeing the finished garment! Your projects are always so beautiful.

Cheri said...

Thanks Ladies! I got my fabric the other day, and it is a peach-stripe fabric! I was perfectly delighted!

Sarah, thankyou for the info! I have been wanting to purchase the POF book soon. =)

I think I saw a drawing from that book of the way the back is on the robe, but there is NO way I'm going to try doing that! Instead, I'll be using the Regency dress pattern as my base, and go from there. I made a muslin for the top bodice part, and so far so good! =)

Paula said...

I am so glad you found a peach stripe fabric, and that your muslin for the top and bodice turned out good! I am looking forward to seeing it all finished. I know you can hardly wait too!