Monday, March 23, 2009

Strawberries & Smiles

Over the weekend, a blog reader and etsy customer sent me a couple pictures of her sisters early birthday gift: the Strawberry Shortcake apron that was in the shop a couple weeks ago. Rachel shares,

"Yesterday, my 7 year old sister and I decided to make a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Although the Strawberry Shortcake apron was suppose to stay hidden until her Birthday in October, I just couldn't help myself! I have attached a couple of photos of her in her apron...SHE LOVES IT!!!"

And I say that she looks absolutely adorable in it! Thanks again for sharing the pictures, Rachel.

In other sewing news, the weather has taken a delightful chilly turn today which means sewing this afternoon, (perhaps some of you saw a few of the goodies I added to the shop last week? More are on the way!) and then a broccoli cheese quiche for supper. It will probably include tea as well.
Oh, and if it rains like the forcast said it would, I may get dressed up in Regency garb for a photo shoot. I'm with Anna when she said that she was "a romantic for the rain."


Emily said...

Very adorable!! It is snowing here today and I have been enjoying being on the sewing machine as well - Hope you are enjoying a lovely day sewing!

Sarah Jane said...

How cute! She looks too perfect in that apron.

I wish it would rain here, or else have the sun come out. The day has been wishy washy and can't decide how it wants to be. :(

Ruth Ann said...

aww, she's so adorable in that apron! I'm sure it makes you smile when you see someone getting to use what you've made with your hands. :)

Sewing, sounds like a good thing. :) Where I'm at, it is an overcast "wet" day. :)

Cheri said...

What cheery notes to greet me this morning! Thankyou!

Ruth Ann,

Leah passed on the recipe you sent along in with your note to her. Thankyou! I can hardly wait to try it.

Ruth Ann said...


Oh I'm so glad you got the recipe! :) And I hope you really enjoy soon as I saw it I was like "Cheri!"

Ruth Ann