Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pictures from the tea

Don't you just love the hats?! =)

The wide variety of little delicacies were so delicious and fun at the same time!

Young mothers visiting

A full length shot of yours truly... =)

Gathered hem detail in a back skirt layer

Last two photos are copyrighted by Leah Cross Photography.


Janna said...

What fun! Now that's an event I wish I could have attended. :D Maybe it's time to start planning a garden party, or something girly like that...

Sarah Jane Meister said...

Wow, you look stunning. What a very flattering style on you too! You did a beautiful job with everything. . .sigh. . .what a lovely time it looks like you had!

Mamselle Duroc said...

Beautiful! You look very Kate Winslet in that second-to-last picture.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful! It looks like you all had such fun! I think that I'm going to start planning a tea party now! May I ask a VERY ignorant question... what kind of material did you use, and how much did it cost to make your dress? I'm still learning the BASICS of sewing over here! Oh, and also, what is your username over at the S&S forum, I just joined and look forward to gleaning LOTS of information from everyone... I'm sure I won't be contributing much!! Thanks so much for sharing pictures with us!!


Lady Ruth Ann said...

how fun!! Thanks for posting the pictures, and the dress looks great on you. Great job on getting it done. *smile* The colors are really pretty together and very springy!

Cheri said...


Yes, tea parties are fun! I just wish that all my faithful blog readers lived closer so we all could have one together! =)


Thankyou so much. =) I think my favorite thing about the dress would be the chiffon layers.


Thankyou! I take that as a compliment! =)


I used all sheer chiffon for the dress except for the innermost layer and bodice lining which was muslin. It helps when you can use coupons or when the fabric is on sale, and since I don't have the receipts with me, I'm going to guess that all the fabrics cost be around $30 to $40. A little more that what I like to spend, but I do it every now and then for something special. =)

And welcome to the S&S board! =)You'll love it there - all the ladies are so hlpful and encouraging! My username is the same as my blog: A Joyful Handmaiden

Ruth Ann,

Thankyou! I was so thankful that it turned out okay after being up for 20 hours that day. =)

YayaOrchid said...

Cheri, your dress is beautiful! I love the colors also. Yes, it does seem like it was a wonderful party with lots of fun and fellowship. Your hair is gorgeous, so very ladylike with that dress.