Monday, July 20, 2009


So. After examining my inspiration a bit closer, it appears the the "swim dress" had two sashes and a both of silky look texture.
Two instead of picking up chiffon, I picked up two kinds of polyester silky-like fabrics.
My question now is, how do I attach it to the dress?

Should I sew the sash to the side seams and then pretty close to the zipper? How do I obtain it without seeing a bunch of sewn-down seams everywhere?

Any suggestions?


Andrea Herrlinger said...

What about snaps on the back of the sash and on the dress??

YayaOrchid said...

I can't see the two sashes on the movie dress, but it appears to be more of a wide ribbon than actual fabric. Perhaps that's why it stays put without bunching up? Or you could just go with only one sash.

Anonymous said...

I love that dress! Hopefully I can get something like that for me someday!

Cindy said...

Beautiful. I started this dress about 2 years ago, but haven't worked on it since then.

Shannon said...

After looking at the close-up pictures of the original, I'd say that the original sash wasn't free. It's probably sewn over an inset, with both colors sewn to each other in the middle, and top and bottom edges sewn into the bodice and skirt seams. You probably don't want to do that much re-making to your dress though. You could hand-tack it. Formalwear uses that technique to keep wide gathered sashes in place. The inside stitches can be up to an inch long, zigzag or random as needed, while the outside stitches are tiny, only 1/16" long. With the tacks, you could keep each color in place as well as getting the "natural" gathered look (little horizontal wrinkles) from the picture. Thanks for sharing pictures of your projects!

Sarah Jane said...

Another thought is making a seperate boned belt or girdle type garment. Make a base belt your desired width, bone it and attach hooks and eyes to fasten it in the back. Mount the two ribbons/sashes on top of that. The underbelt would hook closed, the tie ends of the sashes hanging free and you can just tie them how you wish.

Cheri said...

Wow, I would have never thought of all these terrific ideas! Thanks a million, ladies!

Shannon, I really like that idea. Alot. Since I don't, repeat *do not*, want to remake it (the pattern/design looks way easier than actually putting it together) hand-tacking it sounds brilliant!

I'm going to guess that you're the amazing seamstress friend of my friend, Rachel. Am I right? =)

Shannon said...

Yes, you guessed rightly, though I hardly think I qualify as an amazing seamstress. Rachel and I have a lot of fun discussing project ideas and sewing techniques. I never have the excuse or the time to do historic costumes, and rarely fun things like tote bags and cute aprons, so I love visiting your blog to see what you do.