Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gracie Aprons in the Shop

You may have noticed that I have a couple of new Gracie Aprons in the shop. One bound in a royal blue and the other in a sweet pink.

Take a look, if you please...


Ruth Ann said...

you did it. It was so totally charming that I *had to have it* - and now...I can't wait to wear it! I've wanted a "Gracie" for awhile and now I'll get one. *smile*

Cindy said...

Beautiful. Such precision on your work.

Ellie said...

Beautiful aprons! well done.
God Bless,

King's child said...

I love your Gracies. They are so lovely. :)

Did you make the apro pattern yourself or did you buy it? I would love to have a pattern of my own.


King's child said...

Excuse my typo, I meant to say: "apron". :-/


Cheri said...

Thanks everyone!

Ruth Ann, I'm so glad that the apron is going to someone who couldn't be a more grateful recipient. =)

Caitlyn, the pattern I sort of designed. It came off of a real vintage apron. Someday I think it would be neat to offer patterns of the aprons I make.