Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My to-do list

  • Go to the local family-owned business to buy thread
  • Pick up some dark pink chiffon to finish Titanic dress
  • Sew up the peach fabric that has been sitting on my table for months
  • Sort through patterns to sell
  • Fish through stashed fabric to either use or sell

Somehow between working over twenty hours this week and music lessons, I hope to tackle this list or at least part of it. Having a list to go by should be helpful.


Holly Marie said...

When life gets especially busy I find it helpful to have a to-do list as well. It keeps everything that I need/would like to get done, fresh and at the front of my mind.
However, sometimes I find that I tend to have tremendous expectations on what I can get accomplished, and put way to much on my list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri,
I just love your titanic dress that you've made. Looking forward to see the new one.
Can I ask you, where would you wear a dress like that?
Keep on sewing!

Sarah Jane said...

I am in great admiration of your list, on top of everything else you must do this week!

I am *not* a list person, but the past few years I have had to be. It does help so much to see what you must do, neatly laid out and broken down before you.

I too love your "Titanic" dress. I haven't seen the movie in its entirety (got sickened with it less than half way through) but I do think the gowns are just gorgeous.

Cheri said...

Oh I do so love comments from readers. =) Being fresh outta inspiration these days, I'm surprised that anyone still visits!


Actually I'm just adding to the one I already made. The sash was never finished, and here it is a year later and I'm just not working on it. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I wore it once to a tea party.

Sarah Jane,

I've seen most of Titanic other than than the provocative scenes. I don't plan on watching it again, but I did liked it only for the drool-worthy dresses and gowns.