Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Gloria

If you ever browse through the archives of aprons that I've posted about, you will have probably seen Gloria a few times. She's definately a 50s gal -- easy, and stylishly cute.
This one is in the shop tonight.

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PLLM said...

Dear Miss Cheri-

I run an online magazine on purity, modesty, and loving the Savior for young ladies called "Pure Little Ladies Ministry", and our October-December issue is our last issue for Volume One! I wanted to do something special for the girls who have submitted articles and worked so hard along with me on making my magazine a success. My idea is to have a giveaway prize for each of these special young ladies...however, I need wonderful Christian businesses to donate these prizes since we have limited funds.

My friend Melanie A. (from the S&S Forum) suggested that I should ask you if you would be interested in donating an item for PLLM's one year anniversary. In exchange for a pattern, I can offer you ad space on the site's sidebar as well as advertise your site in our October-December issue.

If you are interested, please contact me. I will be looking forward to your response!

Miss Toria