Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Open for discussion!

Today I received the following e-mail, and thought that it would be a great opportunity to post it here:

Thank you so much for your ministry! It is so
good to know that you are holding up a godly standard in dress and encouraging
other ladies in the same!

I was wondering if you could give me
advise or ideas about a modesty seminar/fashion show I am organizing for some
churches in my area (Southern California). From your experience, what are the
most important areas that Christian women are neglecting or misunderstanding in
how they dress? What can I give them as far as resources for modest clothing?
Would you be interested in loaning some of your handwork to show and promote
your business? Are there attitudes/manerisms that need to be

Any thoughts you have would be so

So what would be your thoughts ladies? We certainly don't have "all the answers" just because we are a business! =) So, the floor is all yours! (Please note that anything not appropriate will be deleted)


Anonymous said...

Good topic & glad to know the subject is being addressed.
Tho' I don't claim to always meet this, it's my desire to!
Generally it seems that if the neckline's high enough, the hemline low enough, & the whole garment full enough to conceal the shape as opposed to revealing, it is modest. What shows when you squat, sit, or bend over?
Certain materials are much clingier than others.
What's worn underneath is important too. Who hasn't witnessed women overflowing or the outline of undergarments clearly showing through?
Another consideration is costliness, durability, & how garments can draw attention to ourselves instead of the meek & quiet spirit that we're called to be.
The general fashion world constantly teaches women to express themselves, assert themselves, accentuate (or flaunt) the 'positive' figure assets, & hiding the rest, while we are called to have our lives hidden in Christ.
Just some tho' Him, sv

Anonymous said...

Cheri, thak you so much for your blog!! I just discovered it today and I am so encouraged and inspired! I am always so grateful to find people that dress modestly and wear dresses! I have been feeling like I should start wearing dresses and it is wonderful to see others who do! Oh, and on modesty, I found this survey awhile ago, and came upon it again today, some of the comments are kind of straight forward, but most is great information!
OH, how did you learn to tat? I have always wanted to!! Do you have any books that you could recommend?? Thanks again for your wonderful blog!!
Your sister in Christ,

Cheri said...

Thankyou, ladies! =)