Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas greetings from our home to yours!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas! We have lots of snow here from a recent blizzard; the first white Christmas we have had here at our home after living here for 8 years.
Along with some other gifts this morning, I was surpirsed to find three new historical patterns from They are three patterns from the Regency collection, so as a seamstress, tackling a new historical pattern is great fun! =) Watch for some items to go up on ebay within the next few weeks.
For God -- the greatest giver
so loved -- the greatest motive
the world -- the greatest need
that He gave -- the greatest act
His only begotten Son -- the greatest gift
that whosoever -- the greatest invitation
believes in Him -- the greatest opportunity
should not perish -- the greatest deliverance
but have everlasting life -- the greatest joy.


Anonymous said...

How do you find your listings on ebay?

Cheri said...

Here, although I don't have anything up yet: