Friday, December 15, 2006

The CD's are here!

Today Erin's CD's came! =D They came right before two of my students (brother and sister) arrived for their lessons, and so I wasn't able to join in for all the excitement, but the boxes are sitting in the dining room, just waiting to be opened and for the CD's to be sent out!
AND if they get shipped out tomorrow (she'll be shipping first class I think) there could be a possibility of you receiving your CD(s) before Christmas if you live here in the US.
Speaking of Christmas, as a early gift for Erin, I bought her a domain site, and wouldn't you know, the lady who gives me hosting was able to get me added this morning and now Erin's very own site is up and running! =D Visit her website at:
EDIT: There has been a change in shipping and handling rates. Please visit the website to see actual shipping charges per CD and for orders of larger quantities. If you have previously ordered, don't worry if the figures don't add up to what you paid for.


Anonymous said...

It looks great. Will you be selling this at A Joyful Handmaiden, too, or just from Erin's site?

Cheri said...

Yes, I'll be adding the CD to our Resource Shop, however the prices will still be the same.