Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crocheting help needed

Last evening Erin taught me how to crochet a "granny square." She learned from the mother that she helped out while she was out in PA, and since having been taught the single and double stitch from our Grandma a couple years ago, I was eager to learn something new! =)

Working on it last night and this morning, I got to about a potholder sized (about 8") square and am pretty happy with it! Since I'm very low on the yarn, I thought I would just make a couple pot holders to use it up, and then see if I can make an afghan or something.

But Erin was never showed how to "close" or finish it! So would any of you ladies who may be reading this, know how to do this? Do I just join the gap as if I were going to start another "row" but not chain two? I'd post a picture of it, but blogger isn't letting me for some reason, so I hope this make sense. =)

And by the way, are there any sites out that someone would recommend for easy or beginner "crocheters." I've searched for a few, but I can't read the "chicken scratch" or "coding" they use for patterns just yet.


Ruth said...

Yes, you would join to the same stitch with a slip stitch. After you do that, just cut the yarn and pull the tail through your loop. You can weave the ends in when you are done. Hope this helps! = )

Cheri said...

Thanks, Ruth! Fauna had actually answered my question in a IM so she beat you to it. =)

I am now working on an afgan using dark blue and burgandy colors. It may take years, but I'd like to hopefully get it done before I get married. =)