Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabric Craze

Well, has anyone else been enjoying the sales at JoAnn's this week? It ends tomorrow, so if you need something, or want something, you just might head over there! I confess that I've already been there twice this week and may be going again tomorrow with a friend. =) Here are a few pictures to prove my purchases (though some were bought awhile ago, at antique stores, or online) ...

Fabric for a Regency gown and navy linen for a Regency robe:

Various fabrics for totes and aprons:
Linens for a spring/summer peasant shirt and tiered skirt:

And then Erin and I stopped off at our local thrift store where besides some summer sandals, I found these bags loaded with tatting thread! I was thrilled too with them containing mostly size 30 which makes for perfect bookmarks. I've already added some new tatted bookmarks to my etsy shop. =)


Lori said...

I truly love your blog and check it quite regularly (oh, maybe 7 days a week!) :O) I have a question about tatting, since you mentioned it on this post. Do you, or does anyone else here, know where I might find a good tutorial on tatting? You do needle tatting, right? I really do enjoy seeing your creations and follow along eagerly to see what you're making next!

Cheri said...

Hi Lori,

I'm sorry that I can't you with any online tutorials on tatting. Perhaps you could do a google search?

I actually do shuttle tatting. I've never done needle tatting since it intimidates me. =)

Lori said...

Cheri, I googled for tatting tutorials and here is a site I found, if you're interested. At the end of this page are several more links. find a shuttle and get busy! :O) Keep inspire me!

Cheri said...

Hmm, I've never been there before. Thanks for the link, Lori!

Amber D.M. said...

What fun treasures. I wish I had known about the Joann's sale before it was over. We got off their mailing list when we moved two years ago. Oh well. =)

I'm trying not to covet the pretty blue fabric on top of the pile in this photo:

...that and the brown and blue one at the bottom of the pile on the other side.

Teehee! Are those ones you found at Joann's?!

Cheri said...


The first fabric you spoke of came from an antique store, and that is the last of it. It's going to be in a hobo sac with yoyo's & vintage buttons for "the extra touch." It will be put up in the shop.

The other one did come from JoAnn's which is going to be made into an apron, this time for me to keep. It's going to be one of the fabrics for the "Emmeline" apron.